Dota 2 Introduces Dynamic Loot Boxes Odds, Ratios Explained

An all-new update patch is out for the online battle arena game and the loot boxes have got a new twist added to them. This Treasure Update is going to change the way players dealt with the loot box odds. Valve has given dynamic options to the users with these Dota 2 items.

Once a player gets inside the Dota 2 menu the loot or treasure boxes are open for buying. These treasure boxes showcase the dynamic loot box odds included in the game. Users can click on the arrow present on these treasures to know of the odds. The drops ranging from rare, very rare, and extremely rare are also visible through a click on the arrow.

The specialty of the Dota 2 update patch is that most of the time odds per box get shifted if users keep opening packs. So, the odds seen in the game are not dependent on the common ratio of drop rates. In fact, the loot box odds represent the current occurrence of in-game odds.

The loot boxes in video games are becoming something of a dilemma for the developers. They must take utmost care of disclosing the odds in the game. Non-regularized systems have resulted in loot boxes banned in various nations.

The legal and state authorities in many countries want to control the loot box odds. Valve has also taken a step in this regard by announcing these dynamic loot boxes in the latest Dota 2 patch.

The monetization of the loot box system has faced a lot of criticism lately. A research even compared it to be very much like gambling. Due to such backlash, developers like 343 Industries even decided not to used paid loot boxes in Halo.

Meanwhile, the likes of Irish Government believe gambling has nothing to do with this. Moreover, subscription services like Dota Plus have introduced game-changing AI to the game. Dota 2 Battle Pass got one of the best treasures in the game a few months back too.