Black Ops 4 Blackout Dark Ops Challenges Guide – How to Complete

After some hard-earned victories, you can boast off a little, right? But first, you will need to collect some Calling Cards for which there seems to be no information in the game at all. Thankfully, we have gathered all the Black Ops 4 Blackout Dark Ops Challenges you will need to complete to earn these Calling Cards.

Black Ops 4 Blackout Dark Ops Challenges

Now here is a neat little tip about completing Dark Ops Challenges: there is none. That is because you do not get to know what you did to complete the challenge until you actually finished it unknowingly.

It should be noted that the 37 Dark Ops Challenges, upon completion, would not contribute anyhow to your overall player rank or any other progression system. Instead, you earn some rare Calling Cards and Merits.

Below you will find each challenge categorized according to the mode within the game.

The following are the Blackout Challenges are focused around killing certain enemies in a designated area or via a particular method or weapon.

Open the Blast Doors
Right in the middle of Fracking Tower, you can hop onto a platform and turn a switch on. This will gain you entrance into a hidden area containing some decent loot.

Zombie Jams
Make your way to the diner in southern Array. Play the jukebox to earn the Calling Card.

Shoot the basketball through one of the hoops in the Estates.

Fist Fighter
Use your fists only to eliminate a player. You can do this most conveniently at the start of the round when players will not have weapons equipped.

Back in the Ground
Riddled around the Asylum area and the graveyard, you can fight off zombies. Your goal would be to eliminate 100 zombies. Do note that this can be completed over multiple sessions.

Red Light, Green Light
Out of three red buoys in Cargo Docks that, you need to swim underneath to collect the loot that spawns under one of them.

Practice Makes Perfect
Hit the bulls-eye on any one of the shooting targets located at the Firing Range. Make sure you are more than 90 meters apart from the targets.

The following are the Multiplayer Challenges that you can complete in BLOPS4:

Nuked Out
In *Free for All* mode, earn a nuclear medal without using a single *scorestreak* perk.

Shrug it Off
Within the same round, survive a hit from the RC-XD and then take the revenge for it by eliminating the person who was operating that car.

Mega Killer
Earn Mega Kill medal by performing six eliminations in quick succession.

Frenzy Killer
Earn Frenzy Kill medal by performing five eliminations in quick succession.

Chain Killer
Perform at least seven eliminations in quick succession.

Nuclear Killer
Get a streak of 30 kills without dying and you will earn yourself a Nuclear Medal completing this challenge.

Brutal Killer
Get a streak of 25 kills without dying and you will earn yourself a Brutal Medal completing this challenge.

Get Outta Here
Eliminate an enemy that has activated the Grav Slam while they still hover above in the air, after you have used the *Grapple Gun*.

Fire with Fire
Use a Molotov to eliminate an enemy carrying the Purifier.

From the Depths
While staying underwater, get 25 kills by shooting at enemies on land.

Please do note that our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Dark Ops Challenges Guide is currently a work-in-progress. We will continue to update the guide in the future.

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