Battlefield 5 Story Mode Gameplay Takes Us Into The Shoes Of A Tirailleur

A new clip of Battlefield 5 story mode gameplay has been released, taking us into the shoes of one of the game’s multiple protagonists of its War Stories mode. In this case we’re in the shoes of Deme, a Senegalese Tirailleur (a particular type of light infantry) fighting in the autumn.

Deme’s story, from what we can see, is his unit of Tirailleurs assaulting a German fortification in the woods in the autumn, which gives us a good opportunity to see not only some story mode gameplay, but also to experience a viewpoint that we don’t often see in a World War, where colonial empires like the British Empire and the French Republic drew on all of their resources to fight.

However, Deme’s experience in the Battlefield 5 story mode gameplay is notable among all of the others, mainly because of his circumstances; being from Senegal, which at the time was a French colony in Africa, he was expected to fight for a “home” that he had never been to, for people he’d never met or had any reason to care about, and was likely poorly treated by his French superiors as well. And he wouldn’t be alone in many theaters of the war.

At the same time, however, the gameplay that we’re seeing in the clip looks amazing, both with the unconventional environment (which swings from nature to war-torn back and forth repeatedly) and the imagery, with rockets bursting around you, tracer rounds shooting back and forth in the distance, and planes strafing by and shooting rockets as you thread your way through anti-tank defenses.

You can watch all of the 20 minutes of the Battlefield 5 story mode gameplay by clicking on this link, and be on the lookout for when Battlefield 5 actually comes out on November 20 on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.