New Patch Makes Total War Warhammer 2 Changes Before Vampire Coast

A new patch is going to be coming to Creative Assembly’s Total War Warhammer 2, around the same time as the new faction DLC, Curse of the Vampire Coast. The Total War Warhammer 2 changes in the patch will be adding a new Lord, a new faction for Heinrich Kemmler, and more.

Creative Assembly, as one of its teams is busy with the development of Total War: Three Kingdoms, is currently fleshing out the roster of factions in Total War Warhammer 2 by adding in new factions. The patch and DLC coming out together will make three, with one new major faction and two new minor factions, one for the main game’s Vortex campaign and one for the Mortal Empires mode.

To start off with for the Total War Warhammer 2 changes, much like the Tomb Kings release the Dark Elves will be getting a free fourth new Legendary Lord, and much like the Vampire Coast pirates that will be coming he’s also related to the ocean. Lokhir Fellheart is a Dark Elf lord who wears a kraken mask, leading the Blessed Dread faction. Located in the far south of the map near Teclis, Fellheart is able to raise a Black Ark from the depths with every major port he controls, and his armies get a 50% maintenance reduction to Black Ark Corsairs.

Heinrich Kemmler, formerly of the Vampire Counts faction in the original Warhammer game, will now also be getting his own faction, the Barrow Legion. Leaving Sylvania to seek his fortune elsewhere, the necromancer has moved to Blackstone Post in the Northern Grey Mountains, putting him into conflict with both the Empire and Bretonnia.

Finally in the Total War Warhammer 2 changes, Vampire legendary lords now have the ability to raise new lords from their undead sleep from each of the five ancient vampire bloodlines (Von Carstein, Lahmia, Strigoi, Blood Dragon, and Necrarchs), using Blood Kisses that are taken from injuring characters with Hero actions, killing Lords in battle, and vassalizing other factions.

The Curse of the Vampire Coast expansion pack is slated to come out on November 5, so prepare to cast off.