Bethesda Forced to Explain Fallout 76 Brotherhood of the Steel Reference

Its been long since fans picked up a reference in the Fallout 76 trailer. This reference pointed towards a plot hole in Fallout 76. Bethesda has issued an explanation to this Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel reference. It became necessary since the fans felt frustrated how it could mess up the whole lore of the series.

Fans were convicting Bethesda of deranging the whole series with such a cross-reference. But now that we have a proper clarification for it one thing is certain. The developers of the game did not change the lore for Fallout 76 after all.

The main thing that fans were finding hard to swallow was how the timelines were not fitting. For Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel to have a such a cross-reference meant a shift from prior events. But as it turns out it isn’t quite so.

Before Bethesda decided to come up with this we had some ideas as well. This speculation was to fill up the holes in the Fallout 76 story left empty due to this reference. But the cover-up by Bethesda would now finally allows them a sigh of relief.

Although this does not clarify the whole plot it does help in making sense of it all, nonetheless. Bethesda hopes to carry the frustrated fans to a more sensible Fallout 76 open-world with this clarification.

Still, the Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel isn’t the offensive thing Bethesda did. The use of nukes in the game didn’t go well with the Nuclear War Experts. Additionally, those Fallout 76 Specials aren’t up for respecs as well. Bethesda already expects such issues to come up on the game’s launch too.