Destiny 2 Forsaken Fragmented Souls Farming Guide to Get 600 PL Horror Story

Our Destiny 2 Forsaken Fragmented Souls Farming Guide will help you with farming the Fragmented Souls so that you can purchase all of the cosmetics available in the Festival of the Lost. Fragmented Souls in Forsaken Festival of the Lost are required to purchase cosmetics.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Fragmented Souls Farming

Now that Festival of the Lost has begun, it is time for players to farm Fragmented Souls. Fragmented Souls are a currency for players to purchase specific cosmetics and the 600 PL Horror Story Auto Rifle.

Amanda Holliday Bounties

For the duration of the Festival of the Lost, Amanda Holliday is offering Daily/Weekly bounties. Completing these bounties will earn you Fragmented Souls.

Amanda Holliday bounties will have players completing objectives across the solar system.

Daily Bounties reward players with just one Fragmented Soul. On the other hand, Weekly Bounty will grant you 40 Fragmented Souls and seven Masterwork Cores.

Run Haunted Forest

Completing bounties for Amanda Holliday will not be enough for you to farm Fragmented Souls in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost. You should always try to go as deep into the Haunted Forest as you can.

In the Haunted Forest, a fireteam of three players will enter. The Haunted Forest is a version of the Infinite Forest from the Curse of Osiris.

The players will have to fight their way through the Haunted Forest and as they progress, enemies will become more difficult to kill. Moreover, there is a 15-minute timer in the Haunted Forest.

Once the 15 minutes are over, players will be presented with a reward chest that will grant them the Fragmented Souls. The amount of the Fragmented Souls acquired depends on how many branches you cleared in the Haunted Forest.

Not only that, you should also keep an eye out for chests in the Haunted Forest. Opening them will also net you some Fragmented Souls. So take your fireteam into the Haunted Forest and start farming them.

Moreover, while in the Haunted Forest make sure you are wearing your Halloween Masks.

These masks will drop your Power Level a bit, however, these masks will grant bonuses to even it out. These bonuses will help you complete the Haunted Forest relatively easier.

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