It May Be Hard to Understand Characters in Battlefield 5 War Stories

It seems like the developers at EA DICE have it figured when it comes to historical correctness. The recently released Battlefield 5 trailer showed us characters from various ethnic backgrounds. But DICE wants its fans to know further that these characters are going to speak their own languages. This feature would add a real sense of originality to Battlefield 5 War Stories.

The single-player campaign for Battlefield 5 will take us deep into the happenings of WW2. The focus of Battlefield 5 War Stories is to make the players feel the events of World War 2 in their true essence. Thus, localization of languages of Battlefield 5 characters would add to this experience.

Moreover, it also does justice to the historical accuracy of the events. For instance, a shot showing a German leader addressing his soldiers in English won’t work. The dialogues might be well scripted but the authenticity is not going to be there. No matter how good the Battlefield 5 gameplay gets it still wouldn’t be believable enough.

This matter came to the attention of the fans after witnessing a glimpse of it in the Battlefield 5 trailer. The French language heard in the trailer made the experience more relatable to the every who saw it. The Level Designer at EA DICE, Jeff Gagne also confirmed that all characters will speak in a similar way. Jeff tweeted this in response to a user appreciating the French speech in the trailer.

In this regard, Jeff has sparked a new interest for the fans. They are even more excited now that they know of this feature about Battlefield 5 characters. Everybody wants to know if the single-player campaign has a story from their country or not. They only wish to have some experience of the game in their respective language.

Battlefield 5 War Stories is going to feature lots of nationalities. Apart from the single-player campaign, the customization options are also endless. The details in the Battlefield 5 grand operation maps are also worth a glance.