All Three Backwards Compatible Crysis Games Now Available On Xbox One

Fans of the first person shooter series Crysis have a reason to celebrate as of yesterday, when Major Nelson announced that all three backwards compatible Crysis games were being added to the Xbox One’s catalogue of other backwards compatible games, allowing anyone to play through the entire story from start to finish.

The Crysis games first were released over ten years ago back in 2007, when the game became notable not only for its amazing physics engine, but the enormous technical requirements that it needed to run, leading to a running joke of “But can it run Crysis?” as a benchmark of a computer’s processing power. Nowadays that joke might hold less water, especially since the backwards compatible Crysis games have been caught up to by the games of today.

The plot focused on a soldier named Prophet who wore an experimental nanosuit fighting North Koreans on a tropical island, and discovering that there’s far more to the situation than there first seemed.

In 2011, four years later, Crysis 2 came out, shifting the focus from the North Koreans to an alien race called the Ceph as they invaded the Earth, attacking New York and various other cities around the globe, while Prophet, the first game’s protagonist, is forced to pass the torch onto a new protagonist, a badly wounded soldier.

2013’s Crysis 3 continues and concludes the series as in the aftermath of the war with the Ceph the mercenary group and megacorporation CELL has taken over the world, leaving a reborn Prophet to find out the truth behind CELL’s activities and prevent the Ceph from trying to take over the Earth once again.

With all three backwards compatible Crysis games available on the Xbox One, players can go through the entire series in one shot if they feel like it, not to mention get to experience some of the best graphics ever in gaming. All three games are available right now.