PS4 Firmware Update 6.02 Available Following Bricked PS4 Exploit

Recently, PS4 users started to receive spam messages which bricked their console. While Sony claims the issue is fixed, the company has rolled out PS4 firmware update 6.02.

The PS4 firmware update 6.02 brings nothing much other than improved system performance. This is the usual patch notes that we get with every PS4 firmware update. So will have to take Sony’s word on PS4 firmware update 6.02.

However, the timing of this firmware update is interesting. Sony has taken care of the spam message exploit. There is a possibility that the PS4 firmware update brings improved security protocols to eliminate spam bots.

Speaking of the bricked PS4, Sony has revealed a solution. All you need to do is delete the Spam messages using the PS mobile app. Now, start your PS4 in safe mode and select option 5.

The console will restart and will come out of the loop. However, make sure you have a USB cable with you as you will need it while using the console in safe mode.

PlayStation 4 is almost at the end of its life cycle. However, a report has emerged suggesting that Sony has one more PS4 exclusive to announce before PS5 releases.

This means Sony has one more PlayStation 4 exclusive other than Days Gone, Death Stranding, The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Ghost of Tsushima. Not only that, the report suggests that the game will be a proper first-party title.

Spiderman PS4 is another addition to PS4’s exclusive titles that launched in September. The game will receive three DLCs with “The Heist” being the first one.

Insomniac Games has noted that the Heist DLC will only bring high-quality content. According to Bryan Intihar, gamers want more of the quality content and that is what they want to deliver.

According to Bryan, the DLC will feature a self-contained story that does justice with Black Cat.

We do some twist and turns I don’t think you are going to expect with the character. There are really fun missions that build upon what we in the main game.

Spiderman PS4 is an open-world action game developed by Insomniac Games. The game is available exclusively for PlayStation 4.