Exotic Weapons To Get A Fresh Addition In Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost Event

A mystery has surfaced after the latest Destiny 2 update released only recently. It is being suggested that Destiny 2 Forsaken users could get a new inclusion in the exotic weapons. This weapon could be the part of the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost event.

This unheard-of weapon is lying in the Collections tab of the game. Fans of the gaming community are in trying to get to the end of this issue ever since. Although the new Destiny 2 update is not short of content this particular mystery has got on the nerves of fans.

The most likely and believable assumption is that this exotic weapon is going to be a reward. Indeed, this could be the reward that the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost trailer indicated about. It became clear through the trailer that a murder mystery will conclude the event. So, this unknown exotic weapon could be the reward for that mystery.

As the fan theories started to flow in, people even started guessing the exotic weapon. A common supposition floating among the gaming community thinks Thunderlord is the weapon. Fans suggest that developers might introduce it beforehand. It is going to appear in Black Armory DLC at the end of the year in full throttle. Developers might want to test how the return of heavy machine guns back to the game feels like.

All in all, most of it pure speculation but one must admit that the timing is uncanny. So, it would be best to wait it out for now. Moreover, the patch notes for Destiny 2 Update 2.0.4 brought nerfs and buffs.

The Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost event is the return Forsaken DLC to the game. So, the players are going to wait it out till the Halloween event concludes on November 6. The Destiny 2 Forsaken users have now also gotten the previous expansion of the game for free.