Discord Store Beta Now Available For All, Offers Indie And THQ Nordic Games

The Discord Store beta is now available for all Discord users to make use of, allowing you to purchase select games directly from the chat client in a manner similar to Steam. So far the pickings are slim, but they’ll likely pick up if the store turns out to be successful.

So far, the beta has a number of games in it either from THQ Nordic or various indie developers. These include games like Last Year: The Nightmare, a Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th-like game where teenagers have to flee a serial killer on their last night of high school, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, where you have to fight eight different demonic bosses to redeem yourself, and King of the Hat, a battle game where you have to protect the hat you’re wearing while stealing the hats of others.

While these seem like slim pickings for now, it’s likely that as the store gets older, more games will be added to it in order to allow more people to talk together while they play. If you’re a Discord Nitro subscriber, however, you’ll have the option to choose from 60 different games that are all together worth over $1,000.

These games include Bad North, At Sundown, Frostpunk, Starbound, Dead Cells, Omensight, Into The Breach, Hollow Knight, This Is The Police 2, The Banner Saga 3, Risk of Rain, Nidhogg, System Shock and System Shock 2, Tooth and Tail, Inside, Limbo, FTL, and Super Meat Boy, just to name a few.

The Discord Store beta will also give way to a universal store, which will allow players to start the games that they own from anywhere, even other stores like Steam, all from one place. So, if this sounds good to you (at least, if you want something other than Steam to store your various games on), you can get in on the Discord Store beta now.