The Wolf Among Us’s Birthday Just Reminds Us Of What Could Have Been

By now the collapse of Telltale Games is all but assured. Suffering from a class action lawsuit by its employees, constant layoffs, and having to pawn The Walking Dead: The Final Season off to another studio, the fact that it was The Wolf Among Us’s birthday last week hits even harder.

The Wolf Among Us was one of Telltale’s first games after the runaway success that was The Walking Dead, which catapulted Telltale into the spotlight. The game came out on October 11 in 2013, and introduced a lot of gamers to the comic book “Fables”, which told the story of a neighborhood of fairy tale creatures like Snow White, the Crooked Man, Jack and Jill, Beauty and the Beast, and most importantly the Big Bad Wolf after they migrated to America to flee an expansionistic empire ruled by Gepetto.

While in The Wolf Among Us we never got to go past a murder mystery related to the Crooked Man, The Wolf Among Us’s first season still allowed us a great urban fantasy noir story that had plenty of twists and turns. Which only makes it harder, considering that The Wolf Among Us’s birthday just passed us by.

Telltale fans, particularly those that were fans of The Wolf Among Us, often were asking Telltale when we would see a sequel to that particular game. When Telltale shut down several weeks ago, at least one employee leak on Twitter let us know that they had been working on a season two for the game, but since the studio closed down we would never get to see it.

While there’s always the hope that the license for The Wolf Among Us could be given over to another studio who might actually treat their employees well and manage their money properly, we might as well wish The Wolf Among Us’s birthday to be a happy one cuz we’ll likely never see it again.