Rare Developer Hints at Banjo Kazooie Xbox One Announcement For X018?

Paul Machacek, a long-time developer at Rare has given us hope that Banjo Kazooie Xbox One will be announced soon and maybe at X018. Microsoft is going to host X018 in Mexico city and it’s expected to be full of surprises and one of them could be Banjo Kazooie.

A fan of the game posted a theory on Twitter as he believes that the game will be confirmed by next month. He’s not wasting our time as he has brought us some evidence.

He talked about the old Xbox 360 game Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts which is a part of the Xbox One Rare Replay. Rare reply released back in 2015 and consists of an easter egg which asks “if the players will remember the game in a decade”.

This question is asked during the spinning stage. “Bear and bird’s first adventure. Will anyone remembers Nuts and Bolts in a decade? Come back in 2018 and find out.” You can check out the video below if you are not convinced.

He also mentioned that Totaku is introducing a new line of collectibles and toys for Banjo Kazooie. Though this could be just a flash from the back by Rare for the game fans. But many believe that it’s been a very long time so it might have something to do with a new game.

In the end, he managed to find a Rare Developer who’s been working on games like Battletoads, Donkey Kong, Banjo Kazooie, and Viva Pinata according to his Twitter profile. Yes you read that right, he lists Banjo Kazooie and it was an easter egg left by him on purpose.

Now do take it all with a grain of salt as nothing is officially confirmed. Though it seems like Rare has nothing else than to update Sea Of Thieves lately so they could be working on a new game.

To find out, we will have to wait till next month to see what Microsoft really has for us in stores. As for X018, many games are expected to be revealed but 343 Industries has confirmed that Halo Infinite will not be a part of it.