Devil May Cry 5 Romance: V And Nico Might Be Long Lost Lovers

Devil May Cry 5 romance is what everyone is talking about these days as there is a theory circulating online that V and Nico could be lovers. This would not be the first time in the DMC franchise that we are dealing with a love story.

Dante and Trish had a bit of a romance in the previous games. Nero and Kyrie had a love story in DMC4. Devil May Cry 5 could feature a V and Nico love story on the sides as well. ChaoticClaire brought this to light. The Twitter user mentioned that Nico has bird tattoos which are very interesting indeed keeping in mind that V has been seen with a bird of his own. You can check out the tweet below:

This is not the first time that a connection between V and Nico has been made. Previous a fan found a connection via William Blake’s poem. It was found tattooed on Nico. It is worth mentioning that Devil May Cry 5 makes plenty of references to William Blake poems.

Devil May Cry 5

William Blake also has a poem that is called Birds and it is about two lovebirds that find each other after a long separation. While it is not confirmed, this could be the story of V and Nico in Devil May Cry 5. Nico also has a tattoo of an old man. At first, we thought that this could be Nico’s father but since then more information has come to light.

It is all but confirmed that Nico’s father is Agnus and that means that the tattoo cannot refer to her father. So the older man refers to someone else. Something that we have talked about in the past is that Itsumo mentioned that when players finish the game, they will go nuts. This might be the surprise that the devs are keeping from us.

While we are on the topic of Devil May Cry 5 romance, I think it is also worth mentioning that we might see the development of Kyrie and Nero’s romance as well. While we did not see Kyrie in the trailers, we did hear Nero call out her name. This might be an indication that something has happened to her. This could be a double Devil May Cry 5 romance.

All this information has not been confirmed by Itsuno or Capcom so you should take this with a grain of salt. This might be the case and there is a chance that things are completely different. Stay tuned for more information regarding the matter.

Let us know what you think about this Devil May Cry 5 romance theory and whether or not you think V and Nico have something that we do not know about.