Fans Going All In To Ask Capcom For Devil May Cry 5 Collector’s Edition

The Devil May Cry 5 release date is still a long way to go as it is going to come out on 8 March 2019. But the fans of the DMC series want to get the Devil May Cry 5 developers on track before the launch of the game gets close. People from all regions of the world are demanding a Devil May Cry 5 Collector’s Edition from Capcom.

The global following of the DMC franchise is looking forward to a collector’s edition. Capcom has not yet announced such an edition for the game but fans want to make sure to keep reminding them about it.

A fan decided to appeal the developers to give the Devil May Cry 5 Collector’s Edition the go ahead. Since he decided to tweet this the trend has not been slow to catch up to it. In this tweet, all the concerned authorities got tagged as well. Including the official Twitter handle of the director everyone is getting addressed.

On top of that, a Reddit thread is also supporting this tweet. All the fans are being encouraged to support it until we get an official Devil May Cry 5 announcement. The fans of the series are of the firm opinion that this addition is much-needed in the Devil May Cry 5 editions.

Moreover, several fans have sensed something fishy as well. Several of their local retailers hinted about the collector’s edition too. So, these comments show that Capcom might actually have something for us. Although retailers might not have the permission to discuss it yet.

Apart from Devil May Cry 5 Collector’s Edition, deluxe edition got announced already. All in all, the game is being made by the people who are hardcore fans of the series so we hope not to miss out on anything.

Nonetheless, the Devil May Cry 5 players are going to go nuts after finishing the game. The upgrades given to the Devil May Cry 5 characters will be flexible as well.