Deaf Gamers Discuss Their Problems With Games, Gaming Industry Has a Lot to Overcome

There are a lot of Deaf gamers out there in the gaming industry but they usually have a very hard time doing missions due to the lack of subtitles and other accessibility options. But finally, they are now reaching out to the studios to keep them in mind while making future games.

Now if you have played Destiny, there’s a time when you face a group of enemies called the “Hive” in complete darkness. It requires players to listen to the sound of the enemies as game’s torch is limited. This might seem like a piece of cake for you but it’s one of the most difficult parts of the game for deaf gamers.

After getting tired of these problems. A deaf games critic, Susan made her own site called to review the games according to their accessibility. She’s found playing games and reviewing them based on how much friendly they are to a deaf gamer. The game is afterward played by her friend who makes sure that the hard parts of the game are due to deafness disability or just poor game design.

Susan has listed games like Far Cry 5, Agony, and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice for very poor accessibility. She has a grading system, A+ to F. She mentions that Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice lacks captions which makes it very to be played.

Though, Susan has praised Ubisoft, Epic Games, and EA Sports for working on improving the gaming experience for deaf audiences in the gaming industry. Some of the employees from these companies joined the #a11y hashtag movement which is to promote disability awareness.

As for which game does it well, it’s the Spiderman PS4. The game consists of various options for accessibility. You can resize subtitles and also helps in spotting enemies to make it a lot easier for deaf gamers. You can skip quick-time events if you have a disability and also choose to skip puzzles if you find them hard which is great to have.

Susan is expecting studios in the gaming industry to look out for those with disabilities. They should bring resizeable text options along with an option for a text background to reach wider audiences.

Source:Digital Trends