War Stories WW2 Are Coming Back In Battlefield 5, Trailer Releasing Soon

Till now, the Battlefield 5 developers had their focus on the multiplayer mode for the most part. But that is about change as the fresh Battlefield 5 trailer is coming out next week. It will bring along the War Stories WW2 of the single-player campaign in the game.

Battlefield 5 single-player campaign didn’t get as much attention as the multiplayer mode. But as it stands it is only a matter of days till we get to see the War Stories WW2 Battlefield 5 trailer. EA DICE is going to release the trailer in the coming week or so.

The news broke after a video of Eric Holmes surfaced on Reddit announcing the trailer. Eric, the Design Director for Battlefield 5 War Stories declared that next week is going to be “a big week”. The single-player fans finally have something to cheer about.

Eric further revealed that several blog posts are also incoming. Moreover, fans will get to see the War Stories gameplay footage of “major sections” as well. But Eric suggests that the best thing about all these reveals is going to be the trailer that is coming up. If the words of the Design Director himself are something to go by, he thinks its awesome.

So, we would have to wait only a few more days to get an in-depth look into the War Stories WW2. The stories are well-known among the fans of the Battlefield series. These single-player stories last appeared in Battlefield 1. They showcase the difficult times encountered by various people in the midst of World War 2.

Furthermore, the Roadmap revealed for the game allows us to prepare ahead of its release. Players might also want to know the best platform to run the game at the optimal graphics. Let’s see if EA DICE manages to bring “a tighter death experience” in the upcoming Battlefield 5 trailer.