PS4 Messages Bug Fix Coming Soon, Sony Working on an Update

PS4 messages bug is getting a fix, according to Sony Interactive  Entertainment. The bug has been around for a couple of weeks now and made players factory reset their systems.

The first we heard of this bug was when a Rainbow Six Siege player took to Reddit and shared his story. He revealed how a player from the opposing team sent a message to his entire team, bricking their consoles. Only one player remained unaffected by this message as he had his messages set to private.

This gave others a way to avoid facing this issue, however, it wasn’t a fix. The fix is now coming as Sony works on an update that will roll out in the coming days.

Well, until a proper fix comes out the best way to handle this issue is to make sure your PS4 messages are set to private. This won’t give random players option to send you any type of messages.

How to Set Your Messages to Private on PS4?

Go to Settings > Account Management > Privacy Settings > Enter your password > Personal Info | Messaging, and set Messages to either Friends (if you trust them) or No One.

If you are among the unfortunate ones you got the message and now can’t run your PS4 properly, you need to follow a few steps to fix the issue. Apart from this problem, Sony needs to look into its anti-cheat measures.

Players who sent these spam messages used exploits to reach the Platinum level in Rainbow Six Siege. One can only imagine what other games they were exploiting and got away with.

This also raises a question about Ubisoft’s anti-cheat measures which are notorious already.

Check back with us for more on the upcoming update.