Another Fallout 76 Stress Test is Coming, Bethesda to Look Into Cross-Play After Launch

Recent Stress Test just got concluded and it seems like another Fallout 76 Stress test is coming our way as officially revealed by Bethesda. Pete Hines also says that the team will look into cross-play after launch.

This Fallout 76 stress test was only available to Xbox One players who also happened to be a part of the Xbox Insider Program. But according to the latest Tweets from Pete Hines, it might come to PC and PS4 next time.

Pete Hines has been busy answering some questions about the game lately. Despite rejecting cross-play support recently, he’s constantly being asked about it by the fans.

He responded to a fan by saying that there will be no cross-platform progression when it comes to the online Fallout game. But he has now also confirmed that the team will look into cross-platform and cross-progression after the game launches next month. It’s not a no so we will most likely see it in the near future.

Also, Pete Hines has now confirmed that you will not be able to fast travel if you are engaged in a fight. You can fast travel even if you are being attacked. But once you fire back, you will be engaged in a fight and won’t be able to fast travel so keep that in mind.

This upcoming Fallout 76 stress test will take place sometime before the launch of the beta on Xbox One. Also, be aware that Bethesda is hunting down every player that attempts to upload anything related to Fallout 76.

According to the recent stats of the stress test, Fallout 76 graphics are a downgrade as compared to Fallout 4. It runs lower than the lowest resolution of Fallout 4. Hopefully, this is because of the pre-launch build and will be fixed when the game launches.

Ammo of the game also happens to weigh less than Fallout 4 but Bobby pins are now heavy. The game is going to be different with a lot of changes as compared to the traditional Fallout games.

According to Pete, It’s an exciting, new but a scary departure from the Fallout series. Bethesda is considering this as an opportunity and we can’t wait to see how it works out.

Fallout 76 will release on November 14, 2018, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.