Job Listing Points to PS5 Marketing Kick-Off, “Next-Generation PlayStation” Roadmap in the Works

We have heard a number of rumors over the past few weeks regarding PS5. But something more concrete has just arrived. Sony is looking for someone to handle PS5’s marketing campaign and roadmap.

The company posted a job listing on LinkdIn, looking for entrepreneurial Product Lead for its Intelligence Platform Group. The person will handle various partners, product and engineering, and contribute to the development and growth of the PlayStation Intelligence Platform.

The job listing mentioned the “next-generation of PlayStation” roadmap, which this person will “own,” whatever that means. But the exciting news is that we may see the start of PlayStation 5’s marketing in the coming months.

At PlayStation we are working at the frontiers of immersive experiences for our users. We are looking for an entrepreneurial Product Lead to join our Intelligence Platform Group. As part of this hands-on position you would work across Partners, Product and Engineering and contribute to development and growth of PlayStation Intelligence Platform. You will own the roadmap for next-generation PlayStation campaign.

Sony mentioned that need of next-generation hardware earlier this month so it is no coincidence we are seeing this job listing. It seems the company is gearing up to share something related to PS5 even though many still see its release a couple of years away. Sony didn’t hold PlayStation Experience this year, likely preparing for something even bigger in early 2019.

Usually, such announcements are made months before E3 and a full reveal is scheduled for the big stage at the L.A Convention Center. If we look at rival Microsoft, the company briefly mentioned its Xbox Scarlett back E3 2018. Since then Phil Spencer has been empowering its first-party studios.

First party content is going to be key this time around as well. Where Xbox One failed, Xbox Scarlett aims to shine. Phil Spencer acquired a handful of studios earlier this year and this month visited Japan to strengthen his relationship with developers.

On the hardware side, both Xbox Scarlett and PS5 are expected to have better memory, and VR integration on day one.