Bringing Down the Safest City in the World Is Good for The Division 2 Narrative: Ubisoft

The Division 2 narrative is set in DC and a Ubisoft researcher has told us how they manage to recreate it. Let’s not forget that the upcoming RPG will be portraying the city in a virus struck crisis situation. This is quite hard to imagine given that Washington is the safest place there can be.

Cloe Hammond has revealed to us the efforts that went into making DC feel relatable in the game. Cloe is the IP Researcher for The Division 2 and she came up an interview with IGN Brasil to discuss her role in the game. She started by highlighting the main question that arises in everybody’s mind. How can the place where the president lives turn up in such a crisis situation?

Cloe established that the research which was done to pull this off required an in-depth study of the city. First of all, the team wanted to know how DC would react to a virus or crisis as it has not faced one in a long time. So they went and asked the people in person.

From police officials to security personnel they took insight from every possible angle. Moreover, the artists were also asked for comments since they wanted to know the soul of the city as well. The developers wanted to leave no stone unturned to get everything right when it comes to The Division 2’s setting and environment.

Even the sounds in the game got recorded in real time at Washington. So, it would be safe to say that the Division 2 narrative is going to be quite faithful to the city, as Cloe suggests. But Ubisoft followed the same research approach before as well as in Watch Dogs.

So, what is so special about The Division 2 plot? Cloe once again highlighted the fact that this time they are recreating the safest city in the world. The basic idea behind such a narrative is to appeal to players in knowing how it leads to this. Moreover, the mysteries and locations in Washington DC would be a standout element.

Cloe also told that when players would know they can be inside landmarks it would add curiosity. Visiting the White House, Capitol Building, and Lincoln Memorial in-game would be exciting. Moreover, players would want to know for sure how the Air Force One is lying crashed as well.

The IP Researcher was also asked that why didn’t they choose Paris as it the most visited city in the world. Cloe responded by saying that Washington has the highest stakes for an agent.

The obsession of gamers and developers with the post-apocalyptic settings was also questioned. To this Cloe suggested that the element of tension is the most appealing for players. But she recommended that still “it is super subjective and personal”.

As it stands, the developers look to make The Division 2 narrative rather strong by adding this city. Also, Cloe mentioned that the basic core of the narrative is to discover what led to such a state of Washington DC.

Most of The Division 2 narrative got made by learning through post-launch of Division 1. Cloe concluded that feedback helped deliver a strong campaign and endgame.
Besides, any weak links in the narrative would get covered through Washington DC’s relatability. There are a total of 6 districts in Division 2. Ubisoft hinted at Solo and Squad modes for the upcoming game.

Source: IGN