Black Ops 4 Digital Release Marks Activision’s Biggest Day One Sales Ever

The latest Call of Duty title is proving it’s worth on the digital platforms. Although single-player Black Ops 4 campaign was not made part of the game sales show that it didn’t hurt as much. The Black Ops 4 digital sales have made a special contribution to reach this feat.

The Black Ops 4 sales have even managed to knock Call of Duty WW2 off its record from 2017. The publishers of the game have seen their biggest day-one release as well. Despite such a groundbreaking performance, Activision has not given us official numbers but issued some updates online.

Meanwhile, Black Ops 4 also set a milestone on PlayStation Store. The PlayStation full game sales for Black Ops 4 digital were record-breaking for the opening day. Additionally, it also became the Activision best-selling Xbox One game in digital sales. In short, the publishers and developers are having the time of their lives right now.

Even the Black Ops 4 PC digital sales were twice from last year’s Call of Duty sales. All in all, the game has given Activision a historical achievement. But there is one feat of Black Ops 4 that seems a rather forced triumph.

The number of players tuning in to the Black Ops 4 servers was more than the prior installment. The fact that Activision missed out on is that the single-player mode wasn’t featured this time. Like the Black Ops 4, Blackout mode got a preference over it due to the ongoing trends in the gaming community.

Moreover, it was kind of obligatory for every player to download the 50GB of data to run the game. Without the option to play single campaign players didn’t have much choice than to go online. Nonetheless, Blackout mode is outperforming Fortnite so it might be the way forward indeed. The physical sales of the game have not been able to match the Black Ops 4 digital sales still.