Orianna Victorious Skin Will Be Reward For Reaching Gold In Ranked League Play

League players who manage to get to Gold rank this particular season of League of Legends ranked play will be rewarded with the Orianna Victorious skin. Orianna has been picked apparently based on the amount of times she was played during the previous season, hence the new skin for her.

In addition to new characters that can be earned or bought with real money, skins are also one of the many collectibles that are highly sought after in League of Legends, especially since there’s a large number of cool-looking skins for a large number of characters, some of which even complement one another in various pieces of art.

While the Orianna Victorious skin is this year’s Gold Ranking reward for League of Legends’s competitive modes (Ranked and Pro Play), some players may not see it the same way. While the Victorious skins are intended for champions that have changed up the meta a great deal over the course of a season, Orianna is only in the middle of the meta rankings when it comes to optimal midlaners, meaning she does mainly an average job at her normal role.

However, there’s also the possibility that Riot Games is just giving Orianna some love, or she’s been a particularly popular character to net her own Victorious skin. Though we don’t know that for sure, hopefully the Orianna Victorious skin will be a good enough skin to draw players to try and get to Gold this season in order to get the skin for her.

Orianna’s new skin will be coming to the game in patch 8.22, and from there players will be able to take on Ranked Mode and Pro Play in order to win the Orianna Victorious skin. If you’re not particular about the skin though, there’s still a lot of other skins you can look for. You can see the skin’s teaser here.