Intel i9-9900K Benchmarks: 9 Games Tested, Intel’s Lead Over AMD Shrinks

AMD and Intel have gone to toe-to-toe in the PC gaming market but recently AMD’s innovative and powerful products have pushed Intel back. Intel’s answer to AMD’s Ryzen lineup is the i9-9900K which gives better gaming performance. Intel is marketing this as “the best gaming processor in the world.”

Benchmarks from Principled Technologies showed impressive performance but there was a major issue with the data. For “consistency” the testers enabled game mode across all Ryzen chips. As a result, Intel had a significant lead over AMD’s gaming performance. But after backlash from the community, Principled Technologies has released an updated version of its previous reports.

The new data still puts AMD behind Intel but the lead isn’t a big as it originally was.

Intel i9-9900K Benchmarks

Principled Technologies enabled game mode while testing AMD Threadripper chips which allowed efficiency resource management for gaming. The testing method is in compliance with AMD’s recommendations. But the problem stemmed from the fact that Principled Technologies used game mode to test Ryzen 7 2700X as well. Enabling game mode on Ryzen 7 cuts the core count in half, significantly denting the chip’s performance.

Given the feedback from the tech community, we are pleased that Principled Technologies ran additional tests. They’ve now published these results along with even more detail on the configurations used and the rationale.

The results continue to show that the 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900K is the world’s best gaming processor. We are thankful for Principled Technologies’ time and transparency throughout this process. We always appreciate feedback from the tech community and are looking forward to comprehensive third-party reviews coming out on October 19.

Intel is still ahead of AMD but there would still be skepticism in the air until the chips roll out. However, these results are more in-line with what we have seen from many influencers over the internet.