Diablo: Reign Of Terror Is Not A Leak About BlizzCon, Says Blizzard, Just Marketing

There’s been a bit of buzz going around about an alleged leak from Blizzard’s upcoming convention BlizzCon, which normally takes place at the start of November. Diablo: Reign of Terror is apparently something related to the dungeon-crawling property that will be there, but Blizzard denies that it’s a leak at all.

If anything, the Reign of Terror leak is more addressing a new line of Diablo merchandise that Blizzard will be showing off at the convention. At the same time, that’s sure to disappoint a lot of fans, who have been waiting for more content from the game that’s not simple updates to the game’s adventure mode, or re-releases on other platforms.

Diablo 3 ended with Diablo, having absorbed the essences of the other Prime Evils of Hell, being locked inside the Black Soulstone and the Eternal Conflict essentially being over. However, Malthael, formerly the Archangel of Wisdom, went mad and used the Soulstone to try and destroy mankind, which resulted in its destruction…and Diablo’s release.

Such an event would be the grounds for either another expansion pack, or another game entirely, but it would appear that according to Blizzard, for now we’ll just be getting the Diablo: Reign of Terror merchandise, though there’s always the possibility that we’ll be getting something new out of it. BlizzCon is normally where Blizzard makes all their announcements, after all.

Battle for Azeroth’s debut trailer came out at last year’s BlizzCon, and led to the game getting a new expansion. Blizzard may make use of the new gap to announce something new for one of its games, be they another World of Warcraft expansion, a new Overwatch character short, or maybe even something Diablo related.

Either way, if Diablo: Reign of Terror really is a new merchandise line and not a Diablo expansion or something else, hopefully we’ll be seeing something that’s actually a Diablo game, rather than merch.