Destiny 2 Xur Inventory Disappoints Yet Again, No Forsaken Exotics

Xur is not considered as a likable NPC by the fans of the Destiny 2. Yet It is quite ironic how Bungie is also trying to keep it that way with the new Destiny 2 Xur inventory. The mysterious vendor from the game happens to be come off as a letdown yet again.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Forsaken Exotics is what any Destiny player looks forward to. Still, the new Destiny 2 Xur inventory seems to come along with none of it. In this weeks reset Xur has brought the Titan gloves sort of exotics.

These Titan gloves go by the name of Synthoceps which provide more damage ability. Along with that, the Gemini Jester and Sanguine Alchemy are also included. All three of them go for 23 Legendary Shards each.

Synthoceps would come out as the most elite choice in all the above-mentioned exotics. The reason behind that is they come with increased Super energy and melee lunge range. Moreover, you should only opt for the Hunter legs i.e. Gemini Jester to disorient enemies and exit a tough scene.

As far as the Warlock chest of The Sanguine Alchemy goes it isn’t of much use. Because no sane player wants to aim down with radars in fronts of them. Furthermore, the inventory of Xur also comprises of an Exotic weapon.

It is the Tractor Cannon and it is up for 29 Legendary Shards. It allows the players to deal extra void damage from every source. For players who wish to take down bosses in Public Events, the Tractor Cannon could be the thing to take with them.

Furthermore, the Black Armory brings the Thunderlord and Icebreaker with it. As for the Forsaken Expansion, users they have are getting all prior expansion for free starting next week. So, the Destiny 2 Xur inventory not having Forsaken Exotics might not be a big deal for them after all.