Darksiders 3 DLC Locks The Abyssal Armor And Crucible

Darksiders 3 DLC plan has been revealed and it seems that this time the Crucible and the Abyssal Armor will be locked behind the DLC. The Abyssal Armor was available in the main game in the original Darksiders game but you needed to find the different pieces.

The Crucible is an endless type of game mode where you need to kill different waves on enemies in order to gain rewards. These enemies keep getting difficult over time.

Fury’s presence has been requested by a strange entity wishing to test her skills in battle. Never one to back down from a challenge, Fury accepts the invitation and gains access to a location known only as the Crucible. Here Fury will fight wave after wave of enemies, competing for a chance to unlock new rewards and items.

Abyssal Armor is going to be locked behind the Darksiders 3 DLC called Keepers of the Void. This armor was part of the base game when we played as War. The following is the description of the upcoming Darksiders 3 DLC. It is described as follows:

On a quest from Vulgrim, Fury must travel into the Serpent Holes to remove an ancient threat that resides there. The Serpent Holes are riddled with new puzzles and enemies eager to test Fury’s abilities. If Fury prevails, she will unlock all-new weapon from the Hollows, as well as the biggest prize of them all: The Abyssal Armor.

Some players might find this irritating but I am sure that fans will get the deluxe edition and this will not be an issue. The deluxe edition is available for $69.99. If you want to get it then you should take advantage of the discounted price. Doing so will also get you the pre-order bonuses.

Let us know what you think about the Darksiders 3 DLC plan and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out later next month.