Command And Conquer Microtransactions Will Not Be Present In Remasters

EA has announced that they will be releasing Command and Conquer remasters in the year 2020, and have also now announced that Command and Conquer microtransactions will not be part of them when they do come out, a far cry from what they usually do with most games.

Command and Conquer is one of the first and most well-regarded real time strategy games ever, with three different continuities and multiple games that each tell gripping stories, with full motion video featuring such actors as George Takei, Tim Curry, and others. However, there hasn’t been an actual Command and Conquer game in several years.

The only thing that we’ve seen of Command and Conquer in the past few years is a recently announced Command and Conquer Rivals, a free to play mobile game that was so disappointing to many that Genna Bain, wife of the late TotalBiscuit, admitted she was glad he wasn’t alive to see it when it debuted at E3.

It’s likely that the decision to create Command and Conquer remasters came from the hugely negative reaction to Command and Conquer Rivals, and EA’s decision to not add in Command and Conquer microtransactions will likely make the games even more likely to be a success.

We’ve also heard that the games will have revamped AI and graphics while also having the option to switch between the remastered version and the original campaign, though it looks like so far we’ll only be getting the original Command and Conquer series, which shows the struggle between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod, led by the demagogue and alleged prophet, Kane.

We’ll see how these Command and Conquer remasters end up turning out when they apparently release in 2020, and as long as EA sticks to its promise of no Command and Conquer microtransactions, they may have a successful property on their hands.