Want to Play Black Ops 4 for Free Without Spending a Penny? Here’s How

Black Ops 4 has finally released but we are aware that some of the players want to play Black Ops 4 for free. For those, today we are going to tell you how to play the game without spending a single penny. Black Ops 4 will cost you 60$ if you decide to purchase it right now on any platform but there are a couple of ways to get to the game absolutely free.

Keep in mind, the methods below are not illegal so don’t worry. There are two methods that we know of to play Black Ops 4 for free. You can use a rental service called Redbox. The company is right now offering a free night for a game. You can avail that free night promo and choose to keep it forever by giving a few dollars per night.

To rent the game, you can go to the link here. Afterward, choose Black Ops 4 and rent it from there. At checkout, you will have an option to select the promo code and by doing so you can get to play the game for free for a night. In case if you have already tried this, you can signup for text subscription or another free membership to avail it for free.

The second method for playing Black Ops 4 for free is by using Gamefly. Gamefly is a great site to rent and even buy games at a lower price. There’s almost every game available to rent that you can think of. You can sign up to avail one-month free of Black Ops 4 as a trial.

You can also keep the game for a much lower price so there’s nothing bad in trying. Also, just make sure to cancel your trial before the end of the month.

As for the game, it’s one of the best in the series so you should definitely try it out. BOPS 4 is so much fun to play especially with friends. You can play zombies mode, multiplayer and Blackout.

The multiplayer is full of different modes to play from. There’s a lot of customization options available including calling cards, camos and more. There are a variety of guns available to choose from depending on what kind of a player you are.

Zombies mode is filled with horror. You should also check out the latest trailer for the Blood of the dead zombies’ map as it tries to make us all emotional. There are a lot of easter eggs for you to find out so you better start grinding with the best squad possible.

Blackout mode is now better than ever. There are a lot of changes made to the Battle Royale mode including Armor and different options for picking up items.

Black Ops 4 is now available to play on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.