Koei-Tecmo Was Apparently Surprised With Western Hyrule Warriors Sales

Apparently, according to a tweet from Twitter user Black Kite, Hyrule Warriors sales in the West ended up surprising Koei Tecmo, according to income forecasts that Black Kite leaked in the same post, which explains the game’s multiple re-releases and subsequent crossovers with fellow Nintendo property Fire Emblem on the Switch.

Hyrule Warriors was a crossover game between the Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, Koei Tecmo’s flagship title that focuses on highly skilled characters who can defeat huge numbers of enemies. Hyrule Warriors included a variety of characters from all across the series, ranging from the game’s incarnation of Link and Princess Zelda to Fi from Skyward Sword, Midna from Twilight Princess, and even villains like Ganondorf, Zant, and Ghirahim.

The game, which originally released on the Wii U, became one of its final games, and ended up being popular enough to get multiple different ports to other platforms, including the 3DS (as Hyrule Warriors: Legends) and the Nintendo Switch (as Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition).

Also included among Black Kite’s leak about Koei Tecmo’s income forecasts were that Warriors Orochi 4 sales were doing well, Nioh repeat sales are still holding firm, and the company is still getting royalties from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Warriors mobile games.

Koei Tecmo’s pleasant surprise at the high number of Hyrule Warriors sales in the West likely led to the development and release of a second Warriors game in the same vein, Fire Emblem Warriors, which like Hyrule Warriors also had an original plot that featured a large number of Fire Emblem characters.

That game ended up being similarly popular, selling at least a million copies worldwide as of April of this year, and likely more since then. Whether the continuing success of this odd crossover lets Koei Tecmo make more Warriors games with Nintendo properties or other games in the future remains to be seen, but hopefully the quality will stay around the same.