Fortnite On Android Now Available For All Android Owners, But Not On Google Play

If you’re a Fortnite fan who has been hoping to get more opportunities to take it around on the go, you can now pick up Fortnite on Android, after the game had a private beta back in the summerto test itself out. It’s now available to actually play, now.

Ever since it was made into a Battle Royale game rather than a hybrid zombie survival and fort constructing game, Fortnite has proven to be one of the go-to standards for Battle Royale titles, competing (and currently beating) PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds despite Bluehole’s attempts to try and sue them due to cosmetic differences.

Fortnite had previously already released a game on mobile, though that game was limited to iOS phones while Android had to wait longer. But now with Fortnite on Android, those phone users can now join in the fun.

However, there’s a weird thing to deal with with Fortnite on Android. You can only download it off of the game’s website, rather than downloading it off of the Google Play store. Apparently, the reason behind this is because Epic Games’s CEO Tim Sweeney wanted the opportunity for players to get the games from them directly rather than relying on distributors. At the same time, however, players who want to play Fortnite on their iPhones still need to get it through the store.

Already Fortnite on iOS has broken multiple mobile game revenue records, so it’s unlikely that selling the game for free on either iOS or Android will have any big impact. The main question is how much revenue Fortnite on Android will make, especially if Android players are as carefree with their microtransactions as they are on the iOS.

Either way, if you own an Android phone and are a Fortnite fan, you can pick up Fortnite on Android now.