Brotherhood Of Steel Reference In Fallout 76 Explained

A Brotherhood of Steel reference found in the Fallout 76 was quite unsettling for the fans of the series. Fans had been thinking that Bethesda disarranged the series while making the game. Well as it turns out they didn’t change the lore of it after all.

To calm the concerned fans about the whole situation a clarification is now confirmed from Bethesda’s end. This unveiling intends to connect the dots which many had thought were not linked right. A Brotherhood of Steel note came up from the game after it became playable at a press event in West Virginia.

But the timeline differences of the two installments suggested a tweak in the series. Moreover, a hint in a multiplayer trailer a few months back also sparked the issue. A Brotherhood vertibird appearing in it raised some serious questions.

A Reddit user started questioning the issue in-depth and suggested a retcon in the lore. According to his claims, until 2150 the Brotherhood was stuck in the Lost Hills bunker. But, Fallout 76 happen in 2102 and the vertibird should not even exist back then.

Still, this theory seems to have missed out on one thing. A wing of the Brotherhood of Steel left in 2134 so, it isn’t far-fetched to think no other didn’t. Additionally, there is lots of time-space to fill so a block could have gone off with the vertibird even before.

Furthermore, Pete Hines also decided to weigh in on this by telling Gamespot:

“Our developers take things like lore and canon seriously and if they’re going to do something they’re going to make sure that there’s a real and defensible reason for it. We have proven with Elder Scrolls games, we’re willing to say, ‘Well lots of people will say things happened one way,’ and the opposite or something else could entirely be true. So there’s no question that we’ve gone back to change things to fit what developers have wanted to do and not be beholden to something that somebody wrote 20 years ago even in franchises that we created like the Elder Scrolls.”

Hines further added:

“But having said that, we don’t take it lightly to just go, ‘Ah, we’re just going to do whatever the hell we want.’ … Why would there be super mutants or the Brotherhood of Steel? How does that all fit and hold together? There’s absolutely reasons and explanations for how all that ties to Fallout 76.”

Along with that, the game is not going to allow SPECIALs respec as well. The mods might also need more time than expected. All in all, Bethesda is ready to face a wobbly launch for the game.