Does Black Ops 4 Support Split Screen Play?

The immemorial feature had mixed comments on appearing in the latest Call of Duty title. Many were of the view that split-screen is a thing of the past now. But the recently emerged footage shows it is here to stay in the Black Ops 4 gameplay.

Although clear implications of the couch co-op play are there yet it might only be for offline play. Developers allowed a two-player online couch co-op in the titles before Black Ops 4. Moreover, the offline play allowed a 4-player split screen option.

If Treyarch has decided to give this feature they might as well give it same as always. But the confirmation only approves it for offline players. It is most likely that the Campaign and Zombies modes will feature the couch co-op options.

The reveal came after a user on Reddit suggested to observe a screenshot of the Campaign mode. The screenshot shows a clear notification which asks to add a player in split-screen. All that the game asks the players to do is press “X” button on their controllers.

The fans had been eager to see this feature but no open confirmation came in before this reveal. Now that it is out, every Call of Duty fans wants to try out split-screen in Black Ops 4. The game is live in most of the regions and early impressions and reviews of Treyarch’s latest games has been positive.

Meanwhile, the emotes in the game are being used by some players to exploit the others. The first character for the Blackout Pass was also only recently revealed. Now that the game is out it is being backed to sell million of units in the coming time.