Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Guide – Weapons, Specialists, Scorestreaks, Map Tips, Layouts

Our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Guide is aimed at people who are just starting the game and need some tips on how to perform better. We have outlined a few tips and tricks that will definitely help you survive and win in Black Ops 4.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

In this COD Guide, we have covered all the major things related to BLOPS4 including COD maps, weapons, weapon camos, leveling up fast, modes, and more. Additionally, you will also be given tips and tricks teaching you how to get better as a player – for both newcomers and veterans.

New Changes

BLOPS4 has changed drastically from its previous iterations and has become a very versatile and competitive game. Some of the new mechanics introduced in this game are:

  1. 100% Boots on the Ground
  2. No Automatic Healing
  3. Fog of War
  4. Remodeled Gun Gameplay

This means that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has removed Double Jump and Wall Running from the series. The game now feels better. If you were one of those people that were suffering from lag or other issues and had to fight other people jumping on walls and stuff, this mechanic has finally cleared that hurdle for you.

Moreover, the game will not auto-heal your character after a specific time while staying out of combat. You can now press the associated button to heal your character, whenever you want. It has a cooldown after using it once though.

The game will finally feature a Fog of War on the mini-map, making it better to hide your tracks and camp in a location. No one likes campers but everyone likes to camp, aye?

Apparently, bullets will take time to travel to the target instead of impacting immediately. In addition, suppressors will now show your location on the map. Well, not the location but the direction from where the bullets are coming from. It has become a flanker’s tool.

Memorize Each Map

You need to memorize all the COD maps as fast as you can if you intend to get better at the game.

The game is incredibly fast-paced so you will need to learn the entire map you are playing, learn about the best hiding spots, and other things such as spawn areas, etc. so you can get a jumpstart on your illiterate enemies. They will not even know what hit ‘em.

Learn all Specialists

Black Ops 4 features Specialists, a thing that has been in the series for a long time now.

Specialists are special soldiers you can choose from and each Specialist has an ability that is unique to him/her. If you have ever played Paladins or Overwatch, you will know what I am talking about.

All Specialists can still equip the same guns, perks, and other stuff but every Specialist will have a unique ability that can be used after a certain time. They will also have exclusive skills and equipment.

The game will feature 10 Specialists, all having unique abilities and skills. However, both teams can only pick one Specialist per person. No two people can choose the same Specialist. Use this to your advantage, learn to play a specialist that people seldom play, and you might become the best person in the game.

Prophet is an ideal support who can disrupt the enemies with his Shock Abilities. Prophet uses the Shock Gun that can incapacitate enemies and anyone nearby when they are hit. He can also deploy a Seeker Shock Mine which will actively hunt enemies and shock them into a temporary paralysis.

Nomad is the survivor of the harsh training and is the master of the art of ambush. An Attack Dog accompanies who either follows him around or can be commanded to hunt down enemies in an area. Nomads can deploy Explosive Mesh Mines that can be connected to make a Tripwire to detonate upon contact.

Ruin can go on the offensive and run close to the meat grinder to deal the first blow. They can leap forward and deal AOE damage. They can use the Grapple Gun to quickly move to places that make them incredibly mobile. They are ideal to clear the chokepoints and help their team push.

Firebreaker uses fire as a primary source of damage and can dish out a lot of damage. You can use Firebreaker to clear opponents near chokepoints or objectives. They use a Flamethrower as a primary weapon that can evaporate enemies. They can also use a Reactor Core to wound the enemies and can reduce the maximum HP of enemies for a small duration of time.

Battery is an explosive expert who uses a Grenade Launcher as a primary weapon. Grenade Launcher can throw the bouncing grenades that explode after a certain time or can explode on impact. They can also deploy a Surface Grenade as well that releases a cluster of small grenades.

A professional and tactical warrior that provides a lot of utility to the team. Seraph can use a High-Caliber Revolver with a high penetration that will be helpful against highly armored enemies.

A defensive mastermind who can secure objectives with his defensive capabilities. He can use his Barricade Ability to provide a massive cover in the form of a shield that deals damage and slows enemies passing through it. Torque can also place a Razor Wire that can slow down enemies’ advances.

Recon is a support Specialist that provides valuable intel for your team. He can use Vision Pulse that can reveal surrounding enemies for your team for a short duration of time. His second ability called Sensor Dart can be planted to reveal enemies on the minimap for a short duration of time.

Crash is another support specialist in the game who provide supplies and heals for your team. He can deploy Ammo Magazines.

Ajax excels in shielding his team and proving cover for them. He can soak up a lot of pressure for the team. One of his abilities called Ballistic Shield comes equipped with a Machine Pistol that can soak up damage and return some as well. He can also throw a Tactical Grenade, which when cooked, can denote multiple times.

Which Weapons Should I Choose?

The weapons are the main thing in any FPS. You can use weapons from a huge arsenal and most of these weapons are fairly unique in how they work. Choose whatever you are comfortable with.

Play around with your weapons, try to understand their unique traits, and get yourself familiar with them. Understand their trajectory, reload time, damage, and recoil will go a long way in BLOPS4 Multiplayer.

The weapon recoil has been changed in this game so you can expect a much more competitive gameplay. Every weapon will have a familiar recoil system called the “Predictive Recoil System”.

Moreover, instead of being completely random, bullets will now travel in several pre-determined directions. Apparently, COD developers have been watching the memes on the series.

Using Equipment and Healing

Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 4 will finally reward you for using equipment as early as possible. Instead of running out of charges of an equipment, each equipment recharges after a cooldown.

This is done to give you a better survival chance if you have survived for some time. Choose your equipment wisely and learn the cooldown of every piece of equipment in your inventory.

Moreover, you must heal as early as you can because of the new manual healing system. Healing is now an ability and has a cooldown so use it as soon as your HP goes down a little. Be wise about it!

Game Modes

There are several game modes in the game and you must understand every game mode in the game to be effective. These game modes are:

Control is the newest signature Call of Duty mode. Control features two teams that will switch between attacking and defending every round.

Attackers will have to defeat the enemies in front of them and capture the targets while defenders will have to defend their objectives and obliterate their attackers. It is like CS’ classic mode with just new names and rules. You must rely on your team coordination and communication to win this game mode.

Control is one of the most competitive game modes so it will take quite some time to get used to it. Try to play with friends and you will see yourself getting better at it much better than before.

If you have played Payday, you will know exactly what happens in this game mode. You start with a pistol and you must try to find and take the bag of cash to the extraction. Be careful though as there are no respawns in this mode. The cash of bag will start leaking money the second you pick it up.

The longer you take to bring the bag to extraction, the less money you will have in the next round. You will also be able to buy weapons the next round. Coordinate with your team to get the upper hand in this game mode.

Stick together with your teammates and ensure that your loadouts are trying to complement your teammates’ loadout and gameplay. Moreover, purchase Body Armor as soon as you can.

Chaos Team Deathmatch/Kill Confirmed
In this game mode, you are pit against enemies to fight to the death and even further beyond. Enemies will respawn every 5 seconds or so and so will you.

Your aim is to get as many kills as possible. Use this game mode to get better at shooting and using the equipment. Two specialists of each type are allowed on each side of the team.

Capture Moshpit
It is like Capture the Flag but with Call of Duty twist. Use teamwork and brains to capture as many targets as possible or camp at one of the targets and lure the enemies to kill them as soon as they get to the location. It is the Survival of the Fittest.

Search and Destroy
You must find and destroy the target in this classic game mode. There are no respawns and your team will have to destroy one of the two objectives. The first team to destroy an objective wins the round. Winning 4 rounds grant you the win in this game mode.

Loot Dead Enemies

If you have been fighting enemies for a prolonged period of time, you can now loot dead enemies and pick up their weapons.

Maybe you will find the exact replica of your weapon. However, if you prefer to use your own weapon and only need the ammo on it, you can use the Scavenger Perk to replenish ammo from fallen players.

Weapon Attachments

You can only choose the attachments once in a game mode. If you wish to change your attachments, you will have to enter the Loadout Options and change the attachments after the round. So be a wise man: Better be safe than sorry. Always check your loadout before heading into a match.

Attachments in Black Ops 4 are special modifications to your weapon in order to let them have one of these characteristics:

  1. To give a more zoomed vision, to have a red dot or indicator for aid with aiming, or to have the thermal vision for responding quickly to enemies around.
  2. Increase the ammunition capacity of a gun or to reduce its reloading time.
  3. To eliminate the noise of your shots to make for use in stealth.
  4. Increase damage.
  5. Reduce recoil, thus increasing stability.

Each attachment is unique to its own weapon and apart from vision; all attachments have two tiers or levels of upgrade required. Here are all the attachments for each weapon:

Weapon Attachments Effects
Reflex Sight Red-dot sight with 1.5 magnification scope.
Holographic Sight 2.0 magnification scope with dot for accurate aiming.
Red Dot Multi-Zoom Magnification can be adjusted from 1.5 to 3 times.
Recon Force Wide zoom enabling peripheral vision with 2.0 magnification scope.
Elo Dot on the lens for improved accuracy.
Thermal Vision Detects enemy’s heat signatures to allow for a quicker awareness of the surrounding.
Tritium Sight Illuminated dot on lens for accuracy.
Bandolier Gives you two additional slots for carrying rockets.
Extended Mags. Increase the capacity of magazine by 50%.
Choked Barrel Bullets have a smaller spread and deviation, as so the damage is concentrated in the middle.
FMJ Bullets can penetrate through walls, objects, armor and at higher level, even damage vehicles.
Fast Magazine Weapon is reloaded 30% faster, and on second tier, the reloading is almost carried out instantly.
Grip Recoil is minimized and the longer you fire, the more stable the weapon becomes.
Stock You can aim while moving, crouching or in prone and while movement speed also increases while aiming.
Suppressor Eliminates the noise of gunfire.
Rapid Fire Rate of fire is increased.
Fast Lock-on Lock on to targets faster with rocket launcher.
High-caliber Increased damage on headshots, as well as on chest and neck region on tier 2.
Long Barrel Range of dealing damage with weapons (fall-off) is increased. On tier 2, the requirement for distance regarding damage fall off, is removed.
Stabilizer Particularly useful for sniping, weapon sway is reduced and on tier 2, you can hold breath for longer to improve accuracy
Laser-sight Fire from the hip at a much higher accuracy and on tier 2, gunshots wouldn’t be inaccurate while moving.
High Explosive Damage from rockets and explosives is increased and so is the radius of impact.
Quickdraw Take aim with weapon faster and on tier 2, be able to see peripheral movement of enemies even without zooming.

Don’t Forget To Apply Your Operator Mods

Apparently Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 features the ability to add Operator Mods to weapons. Operator Mods are unique attachments, exclusive to each weapon.

In order to use an Operator Mod, though, you will have to equip Primary or Secondary Operator Mod Wildcard. It will cost one Pick-10 Point for the Wildcard and two Pick-10 Points for the Operator Mod, so be sure to not use too many of these.

Operator Mods are special characteristics of weapons unique to each that you can customize and change from the Weapons section menu. They provide new ways to use your weapon including different modes for adjusting fire rate, increased ammo and burst shot abilities.

Once you have reached the Maximum Level for a weapon, only then can you equip it with a mod. Also, you will need the Operator Mod Wild Card equipped. After you meet both requirements, choose the primary or secondary operator mod and add the wildcard to the weapon you will be attaching the mod to. Each mod takes two attachment slots.

Below, you will find all the operator mod for each weapon. For weapons with no operator mods as of yet, we have simply omitted them.

Weapon Operator Mods Effects
VAPR-XKG Bayonet gives it extra range on melee attacks due to the knife-like characteristics.
Maddox RFB Increased firing rate thanks to a new firing unit.
GKS Burst fire mode (Quad shot) that fires 4 bullets at a time to increase damage.
Spitfire Highly increased fire-rate (Wildfire) but at the cost of movement speed while using the weapon. Also, there’s an increased recoil.
Cordite Although if you keep fire, the weapon will overheat but there’s a continuous supply of ammunition via the Belt-Feed mod to the weapon.
Saug 9mm The mod lets you arm another Saug so you can make use of the Dual-wielded Saug mod.
Auger DMR Burst fire mode (Double Tap) is added which sends out two bullets in quick succession.
ABR 223 Holding the trigger lets you use the Repeater mod. The longer you hold the trigger, the less the delay between each shot fired and the quicker the bullets come out.
Swordfish Ammo is increased and a burst mode (Penta burst) is added.
Titan The oppressor mod lets you suppress any enemy fire near you, as long as you’re shooting.
Koshka Increased accuracy with the Strelok mod.
Strife Adds a tactical knife to the weapon to inflict melee damage.
Mozu Headshots become insta-kill due to the Skull-Splitter mod.
MOG 12 Dragon Breath mod puts the opponent into the wound status immediately.

Best Scorestreaks

Scorestreaks are another name for Killstreaks. You can rank up enough score to use a Scorestreak. Scorestreaks have been in Call of Duty for a long time. You can choose from a list of different Scorestreaks.

Be sure to choose diverse Scorestreaks in order for you to perform at your maximum performance all game around. Do not just choose killing streaks, try to mix them up with streaks that will help you find enemies and support other players on your team.

The aptly named Scorestreaks offer those who have remained consistent in a round, a chance to continue that with devastating abilities and perks.

We take a look at all the Scorestreaks that are in the game. Do note that the points required for each Scorestreak will be discounted if you have equipped the COMSEC Device.

Scorestreaks How to Use, Effects
UAV Gives you the live location of enemies on the map. The required cost is 500 points but with the COMSEC device, the requirement is brought down to 350 points.
RC-XD Car Our favorite remote controlled car from the Black Ops series, drive around and detonate killing enemies like flies. It comes with a cost of 500 points and with discount, 400 points.
Care Package Why not get The Gunship without even earning 1700 points. How about do it with 600 points thanks to the Care package. Of course, it’s up to the chance, but the Care package contains a random scorestreak that could be something you might’ve hoped for. You can also earn it for a discounted cost of 500 points should you equip the COMSEC gear.
Counter UAV A double whammy for those UAV users who will have wasted their scorestreak points and their UAV, should an enemy deploy a Counter UAV. Yup, that’s the job of it, to destroy other’s UAV and eliminate that sneaky tech of discovering others’ locations. Deploy it at a cost of 650 points or discounted one for 550.
Hellfire Guided Missile As the name suggest, rain down fire from the sky choosing how you want to control the direction and the location for impact. It comes at a cost of 850 points which is reduced to 600 for COMSEC device users.
Lightning Strike A drone is deployed striking three fixed locations on the map at a cost of 900 points, or way lower, 650 points with COMSEC device.
Mantis A manually controllable, spider-bot like sentry. It helps you fire a total of four missiles at the enemy. You can acquire it for 900 points or a discount price of 700 points.
Sentry Gun One of the oldest Killstreaks in the series, works like a charm when defending points. These automated guns with an incredible fire rate will keep the enemy at bay. However, it will cost you a thousand points, and only 750 if you’ve equipped the COMSEC gear.
Attack Chopper If you want to focus on the kills but want some support from above, this is your thing. After all, who doesn’t want free kills out of the blue? For 1150 points or 900 (discounted) points, you can use the helicopter.
Strike Team Not only do they look cool, they can act like bots of your own that search for the enemies and take them down. You get 2 soldiers on the ground working for you, what can be better than that? Of course, apart from The Gunship, I mean. Get the Strike team for 1300 points or 950 for COMSEC users.
Strafe Run A jet which makes a quick run across the map bringing down bombs, rockets, bullets and everything in between. You can earn it should you earn 1500 points or 1250 if you’re eligible for the discount.
The Gunship Make no mistake, no one’s safe from its thermal vision. Moreover, in addition to the different firing modes, you have the flare so there is no use in hiding. Just pray for your doom, because that is the only thing you can do. Earn an incredible 1700 points or 1450 for COMSEC gear, to get this bad boy.


They offer small tweaks to your loadout that will have the capabilities to make a significant impact on your gameplay. Some uses of a wildcard include unlocking new attachment slots, allowing you a larger pool of Perks to choose from, and ultimately unlocking the all-powerful Operator Mods.

Wildcards are found in your “Gear” menu and are separate from Perks and Attachments.

Wildcards have the potential to make your loadouts even better depending on what loadout you use for your character. Some of the Wildcards are listed below, with their respective description:

Wildcard Description
Overkill Replace secondary with any primary not in use
Primary Gunfighter 1/2/3 Unlocks 1 additional attachment slot for your primary weapon
Primary Operator Mod Unlocks the Operator Mod slot for your primary weapon
Underkill Replaces primary with any secondary not in use
Secondary Gunfighter 1/2/3 Unlocks 1 additional attachment slot for your secondary weapon
Secondary Operator Mod Unlocks the Operator Mod slot for your secondary weapon
Gluttony 1/2/3 Use all three perk slots to select perks from Perk 1/2/3
Greed 1/2/3 Take a second Perk 1/2/3

How to Improve your Aim

Aiming better is one of the fundamental things you need to do in Call of Duty or any FPS in general and that is why we have listed some tips that will help you:

  1. Weapon Characteristics Affect Accuracy
  2. Weapon Attachment Are Important
  3. Learn to Control your Crosshair
  4. Use Comfortable Keys
  5. Find Your Ideal Sensitivity

The better your weapon’s stats, the better you will be able to aim, without getting flustered.

You can equip attachments on your weapons for reducing recoil and improving your aim in auto fire and burst fire. Also, remember that this is NOT CS: GO. You really do need to put crosshairs at proper positions or you will not hit your enemies.

Change your shortcut keys and other control settings to the ones you find the best. If you like WASD keyboard style, use WASD buttons. If you like arrow keys, use arrow keys. Find something you like to use.

Finally, change your sensitivity to the one you like the best. After all, you can’t really aim if you do not know how fast or how slow you like you like to aim your gun, aye?

Weapon Camos

The Dark Matter Camo is a weapon skin for every weapon that was originally introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. It features animated purple and blue smoke swirling around with moving black and red spots adorning the weapon as well.

You can unlock Dark Matter Camo for any weapon by unlocking the Gold skin for every non-crate weapon in the game. You can unlock the Gold Skin for a weapon by completing specific challenges to that weapon e.g. getting 100 headshots, getting 10 revenge kills, getting 50 kills without attachments, and so on.

Multiplayer Maps

Let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the maps in the game one by one to see how to best play them and what can you do in order to stand out from the rest of the competition.

This map has a lot of indoor spaces for you to move in. What that means is that the SMGs will shine over here since you will be able to make use of their short range capabilities.

Black Ops 4 Arsenal

There is a fair amount of cover for you to work with, so it is best if you try to use it as you move from place to place.

This area is a shipping hub. What that means is that there will be a lot of one off structures differentiated from one another.

Black Ops 4 Contraband

The map is, for the most part, open spaces and is balanced enough to allow both snipers as well as standard rifle players to have their way with it.

This map is split in the half and the 2 sides are almost exactly mirrored. This map will probably be a very fun Search and Destroy map.

Black Ops 4 Frequency

There are short alleyways which will make projectiles very dangerous here along with medium ranged weapons such as Assault Rifles and DMRs.

This map is set In the mountains of Iceland. That means that the map has a lot of different vertical elevations which should give long-range weapons a lot of leeway to work with.

Black Ops 4 Payload

It is best to avoid using SMGs in this map unless you are adept at moving in cover and rushing enemies.

This is a small Spanish town, meaning that there is a lot of cover both around and inside buildings which players can use. Chances are that you will need to camp a fair bit in order to be as effective as possible.

Black Ops 4 Seaside

This map is set up around a Nuclear submarine. Being one of the most versatile maps in the entire game, Icebreaker allows you to both have short, medium and long range fights.

Black Ops 4 Icebreaker

Players with weapons of short-range will be confined to within the Submarine while Snipers will be waiting on the outside to pounce on whoever comes in their sights.

This map is another town. There are lots of tall buildings in this map which allow snipers to set up shot and take out enemies below. However, the tight areas that are present in a lot of the places also allow SMGs and ARs to have their say.

Black Ops 4 Morocco

This map has a few large structures which are separated by a lot of elevation and massive open spaces.

This map is a haven for players who love to camp in spots where they cannot be easily spotted and then easily take out enemies without being able to take fire in return.

Black Ops 4 Militia

Snipers will probably feel right at home in this map along with LMGs due to the suppressive nature of their weapons.

Firing Range
This is a remake of the original Black Ops map, which was very well liked. The map will be fairly popular and it allows all styles of play to flourish including fast-paced sniping and SMG rushes.

Black Ops 4 Firing Range

This is another map that is taken from the original Black Ops game. Although not as popular as Firing Range, Jungle still gives players a lot of room to play the game that they want to.

Black Ops 4 Jungle

There are open spaces which have dirt terrain and allow perfect visibility separated by the trees which can be great for moving while staying undetected. All in all, you have the opportunity to do whatever you want on this map.

Moving on to Black Ops 2, everyone who played the game knows about the Slums. The map is very well balanced and the middle area has always been responsible for some of the most memorable fights in every single Black Ops 2 players’ time.

Black Ops 4 Slums

Another map that makes a return to the franchise but was originally a part of the first game in this series. This mountaintop map is very well balanced and it has enough versatility for all of the weapons in the game.

Black Ops 4 Summit

This map was enjoyed by both casual and serious players in the original game, and it seems like Black Ops 4 will give it a similar treatment.

Our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Guide is now complete.

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