Black Ops 4 Disc Has Nothing More Than The Key File, Apparently

Black Ops 4 is almost here and the Xbox owners of the game might feel somewhat deceived from that has unearthed. The basic purpose of buying a disc for the video games is to install them right away among many other reasons. But from what has come up it looks like the Black Ops 4 disc for Xbox only has the key file.

An image shared online has shown the screenshot of an Xbox user installing the Black Ops 4 disc. The screenshot shows that the disc isn’t installing much on the console. The size of the installation is less than 200MB. Whereas as the Network installation is almost 50GB of data.

So, the disc owners of the game might even feel deceived by Activision and it is quite justified. The players who purchased the disc would still have to go through the 50GB of downloadable data. It was already known that the players would have to download the data to start the game. But selling the disc only for a key file is a rather cheap move by the publishers.

One might argue that this is how Activision intends to proceed with their future titles as well. But given how the buyers of physical copies feel about it and how they got to know about it fans might abandon it. In the long run, publishers might even be wishing for this to happen and take video games to digital sales only.

The day one update delay seems to be a plan worked out beforehand. Meanwhile, the users can also pre-load the game without the code on

Source: Resetera