Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Trophies Guide – How to Platinum

Roaming around and taking down soldiers and beasts in Ancient Greece maybe fun but you know what’s more satisfying? Getting the Platinum. Since of these Trophies/Achievements may not be so easy to get, we have described them for you in our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Trophies Guide.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Trophies

Trophies in the game mostly center on the questlines and occasionally exploring areas and other opportunities. Getting the Platinum Trophy is time-consuming but as you play through the game generally, you will have your hands on the majority of Trophies/Achievements.

Some are missable while others are just frustrating to get but with our useful info for each. Naturally, we will recommend you to attempt the main story first as these will unlock useful gear and allow you to level sufficiently in order to acquire the more difficult Trophies/Achievements.

Stick with the Guided Mode for a quicker experience as the main story is already around 40 hours or so. You can then proceed to take contracts from message boards and complete side quests including the Arena and Underwater Locations.

Lastly, you can pay attention to Trophies/Achievements related to your ship and endgame content like the World Bosses. Expect to spend 80-100 hours getting the Platinum.

Bronze Trophies

  1. This is Sparta
  2. An Odyssey in the making
  3. Past Mistakes
  4. Evil Unearthed
  5. The Bright Mind
  6. From the Ashes
  7. Democracy Falls
  8. Legend in the Making
  9. Make it your Own
  10. You Work for me Now
  11. Shiny!
  12. Demigod
  13. Godly Power
  14. Top of the Food Chain
  15. Stink Eye
  16. Hermes’ Homie
  17. In Persues’ Image
  18. A-maze-ing Victory!
  19. Eye on the Prize
  20. Riddle Me This
  21. Master of the Hunt
  22. Everybody Benefits
  23. Trust Me, I’m a Doctor
  24. A Pirate’s Life for Me
  25. Scourge of the Aegean
  26. Blood Sport
  27. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  28. Fashion’s Creed
  29. Aphrodite’s Embrace
  30. Birthright
  31. Ramming Speed
  32. I Have the Power
  33. War Master
  34. Misthios in Training
  35. Infamous
  36. Hero for Hire
  37. Wrath of the Amazons
  38. The Midas Touch

This is Sparta requires you to play through the Prologue and finish the Battle of 300 to get this Trophy/Achievement. For An Odyssey in the Making, you need to finish Chapter #1 of the game.

Past Mistakes needs you to finish Chapter #2 of the game. For Evil Unearthed, finish Chapter #3 of the game.

The Bright Mind requires you to finish Chapter #4 of the game. For From the Ashes, you need to finish Chapter #5 of the game.

Democracy Falls requires you to finish Chapter #6 of the game. For Legend in the Making, you need to finish Chapter #7 of the game.

Make it your Own requires you to craft your first engraving. You Work for me Now needs you to recruit a Legendary Lieutenant for your ship.

For Shiny!, you need to equip a Legendary Sword from Nikolaos to get you the Trophy/Achievement. Demigod requires you to reach Player Level 50.

Godly Power requires you to unlock a Tier 3 Active Ability. Once you have unlocked an ability, it will start out at Tier 1. You can then complete requirements for Tier 2 and Tier 3 of that ability to get the Trophy/Achievement.

For Top of the Food Chain, you need to reach Tier 1 in your Mercenary Level, you will unlock this Trophy/Achievement. The more mercenaries around the map you kill, the more you level up.

Stink Eye requires you to retrieve Cyclops’ Eye from the goat in Kephallonia after you have beaten Cyclops during one of the missions. The location for the goat itself is not fixed and can be found anywhere in southern Kephallonia. However, your best bet is near Shepherd’s Hill where you will find plenty of goats. Put them down, using a bow and proceed to loot them. The Trophy/Achievement pops up when you obtain the Obsidian Eye Fragment and Obsidian Eye both.

For Hermes’ Homie, you need to visit each region on the world map at least once. After you have toured these regions of Greece, you will unlock the Trophy/Achievement. As for In Persues’ Image, you need to defeat Medusa to earn this Trophy/Achievement.

A-maze-ing Victory! requires you to defeat a Minotaur to earn this Trophy/Achievement. Eye on the Prize needs you to encounter a Cyclops during a side quest on Kythera Island. As for Riddle Me This requires you to encounter a Sphynx during a side quest in Boeotia.

For Master of the Hunt, you need to complete the Daughters of Artemis storyline. On this quest, you hunt down Legendary Animals.

For Everybody Benefits, you need to complete Markos’ questline on Kos Island. As for Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, complete Hippokrates questline in Boeotia.

You need to complete Xenia’s questline in Keos in order to A Pirate’s Life for Me. The first mission you get is the Island of Misfortune, after which you are sent on a treasure hunt five times until you can get the Trophy/Achievement.

In order to unlock Scourge of the Aegean, you need to encounter and sink an Epic Ship. You can find one in the region that is south of Abantis Islands but north from Andros. Here, you will fight an Epic Ship manned by Asterion belonging to the Cultists of Kosmos.

To unlock Blood Sport, you need to eliminate a mercenary in the Arena. The Arena section unlocks you have defeated a certain number of mercenaries while roaming around the world. Once there, you have a choice of fighting from some high-level mercenaries.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger requires you to perform your first upgrade to the ship. As for Fashion’s Creed, you need to get all the pieces of Legendary Armor to complete a set. This could be gathered while carrying out story missions and side quests.

For Aphrodite’s Embrace, you need to get your relationship status with a character up to a certain level when you can spend a night with them. As for Birthright, you need to discover Atlantis and speak with Pythagoras.

In order to unlock Ramming Speed, you are required to cut down a ship or ‘ram’ into it to unlock the Trophy/Achievement. This can be done when you have brought down the durability of the enemy ship almost to zero, after which you can direct Adrestia towards the weakest spot on the ship. This will give you the prompt to ram and doing so will cut the ship in half.

For I Have the Power, you need to perform an overpower attack with every weapon type (Sword, Dagger, Spear, Bow, etc.). Upon reaching Level 16, you can proceed to unlock the Overpower Attack ability in the Warrior’s skill tab. At the cost of three parts of the Adrenaline bar, you can unleash this deadly attack.

In order to unlock War Master, you need to eliminate a Leader of a region with low resources with the exception of that in Megaris. Whenever you discover a new region, you can head to one of the Leader Houses and pick a fight with the leader. You can also use the grey icon on the map to help you navigate the location of the leader. Once there, cut down the supplies like steal from chests, destroy crates, and eliminate soldiers. Then defeat the leader to earn the Trophy/Achievement.

To defeat Misthios in Training, you need to simply head to any one of the statues situated within cities and from the message boards there, acquire and complete either of 20 Bounties, War Contracts, or Naval Quests.

In order to unlock Infamous, you need to attain the highest level of bounty on your head. Easiest done by committing crimes in large cities especially killing civilians or stealing prized possessions. As for unlocking Hero for Hire, you need to win your first Conquest Battle with the exception of the tutorial in Megaris.

Wrath of the Amazons requires you to cut a ship in half as well but there is a little requirement. Your ship needs to consist of only female members and this can be done by unlocking the Female Crew Ship Cosmetic.

Finally, The Midas Touch requires you to apply a Legendary Engraving on a Legendary Weapon.

Silver Trophies

  1. Taking back Athens
  2. Child of Poseidon
  3. I am Legend
  4. Are you not Entertained?
  5. Legacy Restored
  6. The Cult Unmasked
  7. Lord of the Seas
  8. The Argonauts
  9. Going for Gold
  10. One Head Down

Taking back Athens requires you to finish Chapter #8 of the game. As for Child of Poseidon, you need to explore all 42 Underwater Locations to unlock the Trophy/Achievement. Use Ikaros, the eagle to guide you to all the Underwater Treasure locations.

I am Legend requires you to equip a Legendary Weapon along with 5 pieces of any Legendary Armor.

Are you not Entertained? requires you to defeat all the champions of the Aarena to take the title yourself. As for Legacy Restored, you need to upgrade Leonidas Spear to Tier 6. You first forge the weapon and bring it to Tier 2 at the Ancient Forge of Hephaistos on The Andros Islands during the ‘Memories Awoken’ quest. In order to upgrade to Tier 6, you will need to collect mysterious fragments obtained from eliminating cultists.

The Cult Unmasked needs you to eliminate all Cultists of Cosmos. This is tied to ‘Legacy restored’ so you will ultimately be getting it along with that Achievement/Trophy.

Lord of the Seas requires that you upgrade your ship, Adrestia, fully by unlocking all items and weapon types. For The Argonauts, you need to Recruit Legendary Lieutenants so only they form the crew that runs your ship. You will unlock more slots for Lieutenants as you progress.

For Going for Gold, you need to finish the Olympic questline. During Chapter #7 in the Elis region, as a part of the main story, you will participate in the Olympic Games. Complete the quest to earn the Trophy/Achievement.

For One Head Down, you need to eliminate cultists of a single group that you will eventually carry out while working for the other two related Trophies/Achievements.

Gold Trophies

  1. Odyssey’s End
  2. Island Hopper

For Odyssey’s End, you need to Complete Chapter #9 and Chapter #10. Island Hopper, on the other hand, requires you to complete any 20 quests in Pephka, Obsidian and Abantis Islands. These quests include Main Missions, Side Quests, and quests acquired from message boards.


  1. Epic Cycle

It requires you to unlock every other Trophy/Achievement in the game. This is all we have in our AC: Odyssey Achievements/Trophies Guide. Have anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments section below!