You Can’t Respec Your Fallout 76 SPECIALs, Thoughts?

The latest Fallout title is about to release later this month and the anticipation is growing by the day. As the launch of the game is nearing us certain details about the game have started showing up. The most recent reports suggest that Fallout 76 specials aren’t going to be up for respecs.

One curious fan wanted to know if his special points could get respecced in Fallout 76. So, this person decided to ask Pete Hines about such a possibility in the game and he knocked at the right door. After all who better to ask than the Senior VP of the developers of the game. The question put forward in the tweet said:

“I have one question about character progression, let’s say I’m playing the game and reach level 50, using all my SPECIAL points, if I’m not happy with them, can I respec the points? Or would I have to make a whole new character?”

Hines is quite active on social media so he responded to this query right away on Twitter saying:

“you cannot respec your SPECIALs”

While his answer might not look satisfactory at first the news was broke in an appropriate way. It is better for the fans to know it beforehand than a chaos emerging after the game’s release. So, the blunt news could end up in Bethesda’s favor in a way.

Moreover, another fan also rotated an interesting idea about these Special points. The idea proposes that Bethesda could enable the users to adjust one perk after each level up. All in all, the fans got to hear what they feared the most and players should focus on preparing for the release.

In other news, the Fallout 76 mods might take more than a little time as well. The ammo in the upcoming game also weighs less in comparison with Fallout 4. Even though, Bethesda expects a shaky launch, not all is going to go against the player. Developers aren’t going to get forced payments out of its users.