Sea Of Thieves Cargo Run Missions Grant New Mission Type To Players

If you’re still playing Sea of Thieves from time to time but have been letting your relationship with the Merchant’s Alliance slip becasue you don’t have the patience to run around islands catching animals that they want, the new Sea of Thieves cargo run missions are just what you need.

Originally, much like the missions for the Order of Souls and the Gold Hoarders, players who were doing jobs for the Merchant Alliance had to run off to islands and catch various animals, be they pigs, snakes, or anything else that they needed. However, in Sea of Thieves Cargo Run missions, players who take that job will be able to set sail immediately, as they have everything they’ll be needing in the hold already.

This will make Merchant Alliance meetings not only less time-consuming and frustrating, but likely also have a better return on investment, since a straight run from one island to another is far less dangerous than having to search island after island, when you can be attacked and sunk at any time.

You can also stack the Cargo Run missions with other missions you’re currently on, meaning that you can work on multiple missions at once and get even more money and reputation out of it.

While this new update isn’t a very big one, especially compared to the Forsaken Shores and Cursed Sails DLCs, it still not only adds some more content (which the game has been criticized for having a lack of in the past) but also adds a faster way to gain reputation with the Merchant Alliance.

The new Sea of Thieves Cargo Run missions are available now on all of the game’s platforms, so if you still play Sea of Thieves and want a fairly leisurely and easy mission, you can take on some of these for yourself.