Nintendo Switch Online Surprisingly Brings us The Legend of Zelda SP

Nintendo Switch Online is now finally available and as promised, bringing us classic NES Games. Latest NES Games for October have been added including The Legend of Zelda SP.

Before that, only three games were believed to be coming this month but we are now surprised by the fourth one. These games include Solomon’s Key, NES Open Tournament Golf, Super Dodge Ball and The Legend of Zelda SP.

It’s the enhanced version of The Legend of Zelda: Living the life of luxury. You might be wondering what’s the difference between SP and the original. There’s a lot as the SP version of the game brings us 255 rupees, White Sword, the Magical Shield, Power Bracelet, and Blue Ring. It basically prepares you with everything that you will need to have in the game.

Though it’s not the only SP version of a game as more seem to be coming our way including Double Dragon SP, Gradius SP, Dr. Mario SP, and Metroid SP.

You will get an updated list of games after updating your Switch. You can try restarting your console in case you don’t see Legend of Zelda in the dashboard.

Games for December will include Wario’s Woods, Ninja Gaiden, and Adventures of Lolo. After this one, we can expect Nintendo to surprise us with more big titles in the future.

In other news, Nintendo Switch Online service also includes other great features like cloud saves. You can save your progress to the cloud to avoid data loss. This feature is limited to some games at the moment but will make its way to more games soon.

Though, there’s a catch. You will need to re-subscribe to the membership to avoid data loss. You will have about 6 months to re-subscribe.

Nintendo Online is working great except for the gamers in China as it’s facing a lot of issues. There are many complaints about black screens and connectivity issues in China. This is due to the Google-based servers but there’s no solution for it yet by Nintendo.

Also, there are rumors that a new version of the Switch is coming in 2019 so it’s all just the beginning for Nintendo.