Nintendo Switch Online Service Offers Souped Up Legend Of Zelda Game

If you’re in the mood to play a Legend of Zelda game, a new addition from the Nintendo Switch Online service has offered a souped up Legend of Zelda game, the original Legend of Zelda as a matter of fact, to subscribers of the service. However, the game is different from others.

As a souped up Legend of Zelda game, this game in particular should be very easy for pretty much anyone to win. Players will be starting with a large amount of rupees, along with a full inventory, meaning that every item that you can pick up in the game will already be available to you, allowing you to essentially go on a speedrun.

Being a franchise that often gives players a rather sizable open world to work with, even in its earliest days, The Legend of Zelda can be intimidating to someone who is going through games without a strategy guide, especially given how early video games relied on frustrating gameplay and trial and error in order to increase the longevity of the games.

The souped up Legend of Zelda game that’s being offered by the Nintendo Switch Online service could definitely help players who might get easily confused with such a low-detail game, allowing them to simply make a beeline for the final dungeon and fight Ganon themselves, in a similar manner to how you can play Breath of the Wild, but without the weakness of going in with no equipment.

Then again the original Legend of Zelda game was also far less complicated than the more recent Legend of Zelda games, with no obtuse puzzles, only a few tools, and far more straightforward paths to a certain objective. However, if you want something that’s less of a time sink than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can pick up the souped up Legend of Zelda game now if you’re a subscriber to the Nintendo Switch’s online service.