Footballs Fans Want to Play FIFA 19 Instead of Watching a Real Match, Survey Reveals

Football or soccer is considered the world’s most popular sport and it’s the reason we have FIFA 19. According to a recent survey, football fans are more interested in playing a football video game instead of watching a real match on TV or live in a stadium.

This information comes from a survey held by Ticketgum. It reveals that about 60% of football fans prefer playing FIFA 19 or PES 2019 as compared to a real-life match. This survey was held among British fans and it’s definitely surprising as Football is the most trending sports in Britain.

57% among those who polled say that they have got their favorite second team depending on their performances in Master League or Career mode.

Other things concluded from the poll are as follows.

  • 54% of those polled think FIFA 19 and PES 2019 tournaments should be classed as a real sport.
  • 18% say they’ve changed who their real-life favorite player is, based on poor performances in modes such as MyClub or Ultimate Team.
  • 78% refuse to ever play as their arch-rivals in a video game.
  • 13% reckon video game matches are more unpredictable and competitive than those broadcast on TV.

It’s surprising to see that video games are slowly taking over our real-life sports activities like soccer. It’s a common issue and most parents are seen making complaints about their kids for not going out.

According to Ticketgum, this poll was held among 1,284 supporters from different clubs in Britain. “Going forward, as the flagship video game titles get even better, they will steadily blur the footballing lines between virtual and reality for fans,” said a spokesperson.

Other than that, there’s a lot going on in the world of football. Once again, Ronaldo is in danger and might be removed from the cover of FIFA 19 due to the recent rape allegations. Though Cristiano Ronalda has completed denied everything.

Also, the latest patch for FIFA 19 has been finally released on consoles. It brings a lot of changes and also fixes the hilarious Petr Cech’s Helmet. He has got a tie now and looks better than ever.

This update also fixes the animation of shooting a ball along with an addition of UEFA Super Cup overlay package.

FIFA 19 is now available to play on PC, Xbox One and PS4.