Black Ops 4 Servers Are Now Online, Play Now With an Early Copy

Black Ops 4 is just a few hours away from its official launch but those with early copies of the game can already start playing online as the servers are now online.

If you are one of them then you can start playing all of the game modes in the game including Multiplayer, Blackout, Specialists, and Zombies. Also, it’s the best time to avoid internet if you hate spoilers.

The game will officially launch worldwide on October 12 at 12 AM-midnight local time and that’s when you can play it with friends. Though keep in mind if you are a streamer that you are not allowed to stream anything till 9 AM Eastern Standard Time on October 11.  Streaming earlier than that will result in a strike and your content being blocked worldwide.

Some early footage of Specialist missions have also appeared and it shows that they are very lengthy and full of action. They provide us with intense storylines of each character and how they turned into a Specialist.

Pre-load is now available so you better start downloading to play it at the earliest tomorrow. The game weighs about 55 GB on PS4.

You can also pick up your pre-ordered copy of the game earlier today from some retailers. It will save you from long lines and will give you time to download massive day one updates of the game. Day one update of Black Ops 4 is around 50 GB and you will need it to play any of the game modes.

Though, you can start playing Blackout when the game is almost 30% complete while the remaining downloads at the back.

Treyarch has also released system requirements for PC players of the game. The game has been optimized to be played on different PC configurations.

Launch timings for the PC version of the game are as follows.

  • Los Angeles – 9 pm PT, October 11
  • UK – 5 am BST, October 12
  • New York – 12 am ET, October 12
  • Sao Paulo – 1 am BRT, October 12
  • Stockholm – 6 am CEST, October 12
  • Berlin – 6 am CEST, October 12
  • Moscow – 7 am MSK, October 12
  • Singapore – 12 pm SGT, October 12
  • Seoul – 1 pm KST, October 12
  • Sydney – 3 pm AEST, October 12

Black Ops 4 is scheduled to release on October 12 for Xbox One, PC and PS4.