Black Ops 4 Emotes Are Being Used For Gameplay Advantage

Treyarch and Activision have tried to bring lots of things to the Call of Duty franchise in the latest title. From a battle royale mode to emotes many news things got introduced in Black Ops 4. But users are reporting the Black Ops 4 emotes to the developers as an exploitative tactic.

Although the developer wanted to catch up to the trends of the video games it has worked them over instead. The Black Ops 4 emotes allow the players to shift from the traditional first-person view. So, the third-person camera allows players to have a peek into the corners. Fans are complaining that it disrupts the fair play from the game.

Treyarch took it to Reddit to ask fans how they feel about the game after its multiplayer came online. But the feedback has quite backfired on the developers ever since. They received a bashing from fans about users exploiting the gameplay with emotes.

The Call of Duty users has even banded together to make a Reddit thread to highlight the concerns. Fans are demanding the developers to get rid of this unfair advantage used by the players. Developers would want to get on this right away as the backlash could hurt them in the long run.

Here is one lesson Treyarch has learned to keep the traditions of the games in mind as well. Zombies Easter Eggs got locked out to encourage fair play so Black Ops 4 emotes was an honest mistake.

So while Treyarch prepares for the future of the game they must mend their present blunders first. Nonetheless, Black Ops 4 is being backed to sell over 23 million units.

Source: USGamer