Video Games Compared to Gambling and Porn By Scientists

Well, another day, another research report about video games but this is an interesting one as doesn’t try to paint video games in a bad light. We have a group of researchers from Europe who claim gaming, porn, and gambling are partly to blame for Internet-related health issues. The academic collaboration is called European Problematic Use of the Internet Research Network.

According to the founder of this group, University of Hertfordshire’s Professor Naomi Fineberg, more attention needs to be paid to Internet-related health issues. Internet addiction is discussed in the research, the results are drawn to WHO’s findings related to gaming addiction.

The researchers would like to see more research into disorder definitions.

the Internet can act as a conduit for, and may contribute to, functionally impairing behaviors including excessive and compulsive video gaming.

Along with gaming the group also mentioned “compulsive sexual behavior, buying, gambling, streaming or social networks use.

The excessive use of the internet as well as products of the internet – streaming, video games, social media platform etc. is creating new types of disorders that need to be acknowledged and defined. We are seeing aggressive behaviors in gamers with underlying mental health issues who play excessively.

Such a mix can yield disastrous results, especially, when you combine this with easy access to guns in the United States. A number of mass shootings have occurred in the past year. Most recently, a shooter opened fire at a gaming event in Jacksonville killing two and injuring many.

As the researchers said, we need more data to determine how exactly the excessive use of the internet is affecting our brains before we can work toward a solution.

Source: The Guardian