This is How General Grievous Looks Like in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Fans have got themselves a first look at how General Grievous would look like in the Star Wars game. The villainous character of the series was set to appear in the game this month according to the Roadmap. But we get to see Star Wars Battlefront 2 General Grievous before the release through a leak.

Although, developers had announced the General’s arrival, the official release was still awaited. The confirmation of the villain’s arrival came from the content Roadmap announcement. Now a recently surfaced leak has given us a look on the Star War Battlefront 2 General Grievous.

The character’s image got shared online and spread like wildfire across Reddit. The leak appeared on the StarWarsLeaks subreddit which attracted the fans in no time. The image shows General Grievous in his traditional robotic look. To be honest, the appearance of the character seems quite on point.

It would be fair to say the fans have approved the General Grievous look for the game. The notorious villain wielding lightsabers in each of his four hands has a nostalgic feel to it. EA might have succeeded in bringing the true essence of the character back to life.

Meanwhile, a question that comes to mind of some users is that about the General’s abilities. One might argue that being able to come at the opponent with four arms might be a little unfair in the game. So, many suggest that developers would only allow the use of two lightsabers at once.

Other than that we the leaked image does not provide us any plot or content hint. But what we’re sure of is that October is not going to show us the one character only. Electronic Arts have scheduled more content for the game in October as well. They even tweeted in this regard:

“Here’s what we have planned throughout October for #STARWARSBattlefrontII!

• More events!
• More Community Transmissions!
• General Grevious!
• And more!”

The full content Roadmap shows what else is coming to the game later in the month. Obi-Wan Kenobi is making his appearance in November. Indeed, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 General Grievous leak came at exciting times.