Sony Sues Hacker for Selling Jailbroken PS4 Consoles on Ebay

Since the release of PlayStation 4 back in 2013, PS4 remained piracy free for a very long time but it all changed in recently. Hackers successfully managed to jailbreak PS4 systems but Sony is now on a mission to put an end to it.

Sony has filed a lawsuit against a resident of California known, Eric Scales. Eric Scales was found selling jailbroken PS4 systems on eBay and on his own site, promoting piracy.

He has violated Sony’s copyrights and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by selling illegal copies of big games like God Of War. These games also included third-party titles like Call of Duty: WWII; Guns, Gore & Cannoli; Need for Speed Payback; Sniper Elite 4; Sniper Ghost Warrior 3; and The Surge.

Defendant is an individual who has marketed, sold, and distributed ‘jailbroken’ PS4 consoles that: (a) contain ‘pirated’ (unauthorized) copies of PS4-compatible video games, and (b) were produced and designed for purposes of, and/or were marketed by Defendant for use in, circumventing technological protection measures. in the ordinary course, effectively ensure that PS4 systems will not play “pirated” (unauthorized) copies of PS4-compatible video games. Defendant also offers “PS3/4” jailbreaking services on his website.

Sony played real smart and bought two consoles from Scales to figure everything out. Sony managed to catch him red-handed as the packaging included instructions to teach individuals how to copy and install games for free.

He was also encouraging people to enjoy all the games for free. His own site says “STOP BUYING GAMES”. There’s nothing else he could be doing this all for from the looks of it.

It’s currently unknown that what the charges will be but we can guess that Sony will be demanding a lot of money to put an end to it. This is notably the first lawsuit against Jailbroken PS4 so the company might be looking to set some examples to avoid piracy of games in the future.

Jailbreaking has been here for a very long time but we don’t think so that a big giant like Sony went after someone like this ever before.

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