Pre-Order Red Dead Redemption 2 Today to Get $1 Million in GTA Online

Rockstar is busy preparing for their biggest release yet i.e Red Dead Redemption 2. The developer is now offering a ton of bonuses for the players of GTA Online. Anyone who pre-orders RDR 2 digitally through PlayStation Store or Microsoft will receive a massive $1 Million in in-game cash.

This offer is limited till October 15 so you better hurry if you need that cash for some rides or housing in GTA Online.

Microsoft unveiled this news on their site.

Any players who have already pre-ordered digital editions of Red Dead Redemption 2 are also eligible to unlock this bonus cash just by playing GTA Online by October 15. Rewards will be deposited into Maze Bank accounts starting October 16 and no later than October 22.

Anyone who has already pre-ordered RDR 2 is in luck. Those who have pre-ordered the game already can avail the bonus without any further wait. You have to log in on GTA Online before October 15 to register yourself for the bonus. You will be rewarded with in-game cash between October 16-22 but not later than that.

Now that’s not all, Rockstar is offering some free cash to all the community as well. GTA players can earn $300,000 bonus cash and can also unlock the green Wireframe Bodysuit. You can avail these bonuses til October 15. These bonuses will be also deposited by 22 October like RDR 2 bonuses.

Furthermore, the Stone Hatchet and Double-Action revolver challenges will be also giving away double rewards. If you have already completed or decide to complete them this week, you can earn $250,000 in-game cash along with $250,000 bonus next week.

Three new classic rides are also coming our way. These include the Karin Futo, Bollokan Prairie, and the Imponte Ruiner and will be available in Southern San Andreas Super Autos catalog.

As for Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s looking great and according to the recent rumors, you will be guided by NPCs if you turn off the mini-map.

Rockstar recently did another good job by giving a private demonstration of the game to a terminally ill fan of the game.

GTA Online is now available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Though Red Dead Redemption will release on October 26, 2018, for PS4 and Xbox One.