Ninja Theory Announces Hellblade Retail Release After Year Of Digital Sales

Ninja Theory has announced that gamers will be getting a Hellblade Retail Release after over a year of the game being digital-exclusive on the Playstation 4 came out in August, and almost six months since the Xbox One version came out, back in April. The game, since then, has been very successful.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is quite unique among some of Ninja Theory’s other games, focusing on a girl’s inner journey through the home of the Norse gods. However, this isn’t like God of War on the Playstation 4 where you get to explore an entire world. Hellblade’s own world is a dark and disturbing place with a very large feeling of psychological horror.

It tells the story of Senua, a Celtic warrior, who intends to ask the Norse goddess Hel, goddess of death, to revive her lover, who was murdered by Vikings during a raid. While she’s there, she has to contend with a variety of monsters, ranging from the fire giant Surtr, to the goddess of death herself. All the while she’s hunted by a mysterious shadow, who will kill Senua if it catches up to her. But you and Senua aren’t alone in this either; the voices in her head will also be keeping you company.

Hellblade, despite its more narrow horror focus along with its story about a girl overcoming her psychosis, managed to become a great success for Ninja Theory, breaking even in just a few months and since then continuing to sell fairly well, even being ported over to the Xbox. A Hellblade retail release will probably bump up the game’s sales even more, if you haven’t bought it already.

You’ll be able to pick up the Hellblade retail release on December 4 for $29.99, on both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. If you don’t have the game already, then would be a great time to pick it up.