Intel B360 Chipset Production Reduced By 30% Starting October

The Intel B360 chipset is very popular amongst the gaming community as this is a mainstream motherboard that does not cost too much. It will work fine with the 8th generation and 9th generation CPUs as long as you are not planning on overclocking.

It turns out that the Intel B360 chipset is going to be available in limited quantities. Intel is having issues with the production of the Intel B360 chipset and the production is going to be reduced by 30%. You can expect supply to be limited until the end of the year.

This is not the only chipset issue that Intel needs to be worried about. The Z390 chipset is not doing all that great either. Asus is not convinced that Intel will be able to keep up with the demand for the new chipset. The following is what Jackie Hsu, VP and director at Asus had to say regarding the matter:

Ideally, this should take the most of the focus from Z370. However, based on the current Intel supply chain, we are afraid they cannot fulfill their customers’ demand so we still need to maintain a small supply of Z370 to fulfill our customers’ demand. I think that this is the plan we are going to stick to unless Intel can fulfill. But, until now, we haven’t got the confident answer saying they will fulfill.

Intel is already having issues with the 10nm process and on top of that, Intel is also having yield issues with the 14nm chips. We will keep you updated regarding the supply of the Intel B360 chipset as well as the Z390 chipset. So stay tuned for more news and information regarding the matter.

Let us know what you think about the Intel B360 chipset and whether or not you were planning on getting one of these motherboards.