Hitman 2 Footage Shows Extended Gameplay From Colombia

The latest gameplay footage released for Hitman 2 features Agent 47 in Colombia. Although we got to see a teaser of the Colombian level before. This time around IO Interactive brings extended looks to the level.

Agent 47 will be looking to face off against the Delgado Cartel in the Colombian rainforests. The Santa Fortuna village has several powerful characters in it such as the Rico Delgado and Andrea Martinez. Moreover, sicarios roam the village and the cartel’s vicinity with weapons. So failing to follow their steps could be costly in the Hitman 2.

The leaders of the cartels are also shown in the gameplay trailer of the game. Furthermore, the fields and caves are also waiting for Agent 47 to explore. He is even shown sporting the look of a shaman during a mission.

The Gameplay#1 and Gameplay#2 both trailers are almost 18 minutes each so there is plenty of gameplay to catch up on.

Earlier, the immersion trailer of Hitman 2 showed us the revolutionary AI of the stealth game.